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Monday, February 4, 2019


     The meek shall inherit the earth, yeah a bare rock when the neoliberal nut bars with their freedom to exploit market economy takes full control of all resources and have dictators of their liking in all South American Countries, Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico with a left leaning President are soon to get the same treatment as Venezuela, squeeze, starve, blame, regime change takeover assets. It is already started in Canada, ten dollars a barrel for oil. If the US gets control of Venezuela's oil, which they will under the pup they are trying to put in power, Canada will get no more than 50 cents for a barrel of oil. By the way : lift the embargo on Maduro, sell him food, he is not a begger, he will feed the people, there are two sides, right now the CBC is giving only One. TeleSur news shows a different side. The inside.  

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