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Sunday, January 13, 2019


     Let me put this to you: What can I do more than I am doing?, my eyes and ears and even my nose are telling me something is rotten in paradise, something is rotten everywhere, so my detectors tell me. Now, if I am in love with life, in all its forms, am I to feel content? Should I block the messages going to my brain and causing me pain from what I see and hear and smell? How do I get relief from my pain?, sometimes Weeding in the Garden. Sometimes putting energy into some small part of a solution, to eradicate the rotten parts, the same rotting parts that so many have become, numb to, that we all know about. Change is Here, it will not get easier, take over the House of Commons, it belongs to the people, needs to be for the people, and the only way that is the case, it has to be occupied by the people, we can organize a structure of Government that Is the People. About a 180 degree turn, the future demands action. See you in the Big House.

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