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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


For some people who live in this place called Canada, a Job is something to make money to pay the landlord.  That seems to me like forced labour, almost like a curse. If you get a job, you get a boss; now if you pick the boss, and make up the job you would like to do, that would eliminate the curse part; and, if you pay yourself, as well as make money for the boss, getting hired is easier, and there is not much chance of getting fired; unless you mess up in some way. This concept of creating your own employment, using the assets (equipment, facilities, farms) of one who has what you need to create your desired job and be at the same time a real value to whomever provides the assets, is basically what the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture is doing. This concept of work allows one some freedom, to choose a suitable location to live, to choose work schedule, to work according to weather, adapt to life's changes, all the things workers should have. There are unlimited possibilities in Agriculture, you might say opportunities, that are waiting outside the box of conditioned thinking. At the same time there are many obstacles to persons poor in cash who want to farm; yet our Minister of A, sees opportunities from BC to Manitoba, has had land offers in Ont. and Que. This year is the turn around year, ending useless work and harmful jobs(making balloons and bombs), slowing the growth economy(which is the opposite of true economy), and addressing global warming. The right kind of Agriculture can address a lot of our problems environmentally and socially, that are facing the world, and we can talk about those things, but we can also be active with what we know and with what is available right now. 
     Right now, The Garden Party would like to put together a team effort, with people who want to farm, with people who are making the change from growth economy to real economy. Refugees welcome. Contact Loui at 250 457 7229, lets talk.

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