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Saturday, January 19, 2019


    Why would I think of a thought like that? , unless somebody put it in my head? Unite the Left and the Right. What we have in common is greater than our difference. The few of the extreme left and extreme right also have some things in common with each other. But not too much in common with me. The Left and the Right are divided by Party Politics, both value democracy, rule of law, Elections, constitution, freedom of the press, freedom to criticize, both would like there to be no refugee camps, no war or poverty, both want clean water and air, healthy food, and security. And both the Left and Right, of all ages, the majority, want action dealing with global warming. Not only do we have to deal with a fickle monitory system controlled by a few, we are now facing global social disruption that is likely going to get worse, extremists feed on poverty, feed on anger, feed on frustration and hopelessness. So to change those conditions, we need to get rid of the Left and the Right and make democracy work, and I figure a Garden Party should be a place they could meet and greet, discuss the challenges, draw a map of the road forward with every bodies participation, with our fuel not spent on fighting each other.
     Run in the next election, have a Inclusive Garden Party, Left and Right, we Might make it, and have fun doing it together. We can work out the little differences pruning the grape vines, cutting off the dead wood first, both left and right, everybody knows that deadwood produces no fruit, there is plenty that needs doing, and we should see a good crop by summer, and harvest the House of Commons by fall, lets go!      

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