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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Venezuela Oil

      When Chavez took over Venezuela and nationalized the Oil Industry, he did so to benefit the people. The money that was being made from the industry before takeover was all going to a few elite Venezuelans that had deep pockets, too deep to reach down into and share with the many people of Venezuela with empty pockets. Chavez took over the industry with the substantial cash flow and poured large amounts into the empty pockets and into social programs such as schools and hospitals, and cut off the deep pockets. I am not saying that corruption did not exist in the Hugo Chavez Government Officials, without a doubt there is corruption in the Venezuela Government today, but that can be said for every other government bar none. The slow kill that has been applied to break the Venezuela Government started when Hugo Chavez socialized the Oil Industry and profits, it was a slap in the face and wallet to Free Enterprise Explotation. The rest of Business Explotation in Venezuela was left alone by Chavez, but public ownership of such a large oil asset was not going to be allowed by world banks and capitalism. The squeeze and rug pulling is still going on by the elite, pushing Venezuela into civil war or perhaps even US military intervention to get the Oil and revenues out of Socialist hands into the honest clean hands of capitalism. Venezuela is rich in resources other than just oil and if these resources are going to be exploited it should not be just to make a few people or families rich as in most countries such as in Canada and the USA. We Encourage Maduro to clean up corruption in government, and all nations to drop the sanctions against Venezuela. The sanctions just inflict more pain on the poor. Offer Aid and genuine concern for those who suffer the most, open the doors for civil disscussion with the Government of Maduro, which he appears to want. That should be the policy of the Canadian Government. This is the policy of The Minister of Agriculture of the Garden Party, bread instead of bullets and bloodshed. What do you think Mr Maduro? Want to talk?

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