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Wednesday, January 9, 2019


     We are conservationists, two farmers, one with a bad heart, one with an old heart, and a truck driver going in for a hernia operation on the 24th of January in the Quesnel Hospital. We are all fired up, fit, (good enough to last five years), and ready to take over the House Of Commons in Ottawa on Oct 21st. The campaign has started. The Truck Driver Libtard will be having a open house (if allowed) surgery in the Quesnel Hospital on the 24th, and if anyone wants to see what a Libtard is made of inside, so as to get a clear definition of the word 'Libtard', and post it in the Urban Dictionary, the truck driver is ready to show the voters what a Libtard is really made of, we expect that he will be fit to run long before the election. Now that is just what Canada needs, a Politcal Party that knows how to produce good food and has a means of distribution. We have already some plans in the works to change the face of Agriculture across Canada, and there will be room for buffalo. But what we have room for right now, is more Libtard Candidates, as defined in the Urban Dictionary by people who know everything about Libtards and nothing it seems about themselves. 
     This government job is a wee bit more than two farmers and one trucker can do, but we can put edible food on the table, that has substance, and is at least of some value. So, are you a Libtard in the closet, or a Green Party voter that feels like leftover soup? Well, here is a mega opportunity to get fired up with all your passions and run for the Libtard Party. Deal full on with Global Warming, and democratically take over the house in October, which we consider possible, no more pipelines, no coal extraction for export and get out of fossil fuel use in tens years or even less,  bring the full involvement of every voter to participate in our collective agreed prioritized action. These actions we can start on now and during the election process, and (although unlikely) if we lose, we still win, because now we just can continue with our work to achieve our goals doing what we set out to do, and we can do it together and get it done and have fun. The beauty of the Libtard concept, of addressing Global Warming, with changing Agriculture Practices, we can also address a lot, and I do mean a lot of our social and environmental issues. Well, what do you say,  there are obstacles, but we no longer can afford to delay, if you think  I am laying it on too thick trying to get others to step forward, do not worry, I will be right behind them, let us just get going.         

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