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Saturday, January 12, 2019


     The world is gearing up to get out of fossil fuels. Think about it, within a very short time(if it has not already happened) the Oil and Gas supply will exceed demand, countries who have little else to export, with demand dropping, will be dumping fossil fuels at low prices, to get what cash they can. Besides the fact, that we need to stop using fossil fuels, we are building a Hugh LNG Plant on the BC West Coast, that gets its gas from fracking (another polluting process) in North Eastern BC and Alberta, This is just a bad and dirty business. Putting in a pipeline to transport the Natural Gas, is in itself a major disturbance to nature, and waste of steel. This natural gas will have to be liquified for tanker export. The energy to frack and pump the gas and turn it into a cool liquid to fill tankers would be a non starter at today's energy prices. The only reason for SiteC Dam, was to provide a cheap power supply for LNG, another get rich scam started by BC politicians and entrepreneurs to enhance and enrich life for good causes I am sure. Free Dam, free power, free power lines and infrastructure, billed to and maintained by the people who always pay the bill, always!  Mega Projects have always been cash cows for Politicans, especially if the projects are paid for out of the public pocket. 
     Pipelines, LNG Plants, even Oil Refineries are sooner than later, going to be 'white elephants' abandoned and left for Government to clean up at a high cost. Business as usually, exploit resources using the public purse, move profits out of reach of public tax collector, leave the clean up costs to the public taxpayer, just like Polly Mine near Quesnel BC is doing right now. Common Practice of Oil and Mining Companies in Africa, South America, Allover Theworld. Corporations purpose, is making money, lots of money,; money has no concern for environment. unless it generates money, money has no regard for humans unless they generate money for the Corporation. When will we ever make cents.
     Why not now ! The Garden Party of Canada, The pipeline to end pipelines, National Political Party, global warming stops here, with you, take over the House of Commons, be a candidate now, stop buying, and run, in the next fed election, Oct. may the sun shine on you like it did on us in Spences B today. Turning Compost today. Exciting!   Beautiful People!   

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