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Sunday, January 13, 2019


    How do I know there is no money in heaven?, I could say I went there and took a look and met the Minister of Finance and was told there was no money, but I will not say that because I would probably be called a nut. But I will say there is no money in heaven and it says so in the Book, and who would call me a nut for saying that, except myself. What is on my mind is this line from the Book: 'It shall be on earth as it is in heaven'. This line cannot be disputed with any true believer. Obviously, to expect heaven on earth, a true believer of the Book, needs to get rid of debt and money. Ask your landlord for agreement to allow heaven on earth and see if that does not get you out in heavens fresh air. Not having a house has its positive points, you get to know and appreciate heaven, and, how much nicer it is in a house in winter with a wood burning stove.

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