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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


    The Garden Party is changing its name but not its actions. The new name, Libtard Party. We are launching a federal campaign, to have a candidate in every riding across Canada for next October election. 'Libtard' is amply defined in the Urban Dictionary, on the web. If you find yourself in the all encompassing  definition as to what a 'Libtard' is, you are likely a Libtard already.  There is no better time than now(maybe fifty years ago), for the Libtards to take over the House in Ottawa, The House of Commons that is. The Name 'Libtard Party' on election ballots might confuse some Liberal Party Supporters that like pipelines, and, they will correctly vote for the Local Libtard. As a Libtard, when you walk into an all Candidates Meeting, you can expect to be met with a chant, Lib Tard, Lib Tard, Lib Tard, from both your supporters and your opposers, and, if they sing together in the right tone, they can work together, and we need United action by everybody we can get on side to address Global Warming. Operating as The Garden Party for some seven years, and with the experience of a life time, I am ready for a National Campaign with my pension check, I will do a biography or a history of my personal work and actions for the last 70 years, but not right now, my history of the last seven years is on my blog: Occupation Apple Tree .com, my e mail is:, my tel: 250 457 7229. I will continue posting on the blog looking for Candidates, or letting them find me. Are you willing and ready for a House Warming Party? Dig in! Spread this around, plant good seeds, something might grow, The Minister of Agriculture is persistent. Evolving.......       .    

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