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Friday, January 11, 2019


    The idea is, to create a new Federal Political Party, the name is not important. What is important, is that all Candidates, have an open agenda, and address global warming. That they step foreword and identify themselves, inform the public with the facts, and be prepared to take over the House Of Commons. And General Motors perhaps. Scientists have given us warnings for decades, is it not time for them to act directly in the Public Politcal Process, and tell all Canadians what the score is, what the goals are, and get everybody on board to reach those goals as fast as humanly possible?
     Can we get a diverse National Party without Political Party Baggage and Power Struggles off the ground? Why not?, because it is too hard?, you think it too late?, what other lame brain excuses are you going to give me and make for your self?, you are too young? Too busy looking for work? Too old and tired and retired? and you are willing to leave younger people to clean up the mess you made that you get your pension from? Arm Industry or Monsanto? All excuses I refuse to accept! Representatives are needed  from every riding, welding shop and farm, to take on a 'money run' system that dictates our demise. Why not, we have all the resources in this country that we really need, we can provide all the food shelter clothing we need, and still have a life worth living. We have the know how, and, collectively we have the skills to solve any problems you can think of, other than bring us back from extinction, money is not what is needed, moneys permission is what we have to rid ourselves from, we do need access to real resources and we need willing conscious workers, who in turn can be provided with their needs. Simple, oh I know, under the existing monetary system of growth economies it is not simple, it is impossible. But in truth, it is simple, all that is really needed is enough people to get beyond money. Yes, the obstacles who want to hold on to their ill gotten gain will use everything they have to hold to their money power and special privileges, but as soon as the plumber goes on strike, they are in shit. They are less than one percent.
     General Motor workers, we have an election coming up in Oct, we have climate warming coming up too, this is a perfect time to stop making gas cars, and a perfect time to gear up production to make the hardware we can use in our fossiless future. Assume control of all tax written off assets (all paid for by the public purse) of GM where you live, and where you still want to work, and make a life time job, building the things that will help tool our fossiless future, get together with your fellow workers, to hash it over, and, maybe you could find enough Candidates for the next federal election to cover all the ridings in Ontario, welcome to The Unemployed Auto Workers Party, the Libtard Party, The Garden Party and The Last Party; we will have a Real Party, when we have something to celebrate. Start the campaign!
      Evoloving. Keep me informed on progress. Isn't 2019 exciting!!!!

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