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Monday, January 21, 2019


     All the political parties in Canada wave the environment flag, they have to, to get enough votes to get elected. A couple of decades ago, the environment was not an issue of any Party in Canada, in BC, the Rhino Party was the first Party to make the environment an issue in Federal Elections, I was there, today every candidate will tell you they are enviromentalists, Political Parties are under public pressure now. We are at an environmental crisis of global warming today, and we are trying to counter our fossil fuel energy use with green energy, to keep doing the same things we have been doing. We should be asking why we are doing whatever we are doing in the first place. Most of what people are doing for employment is unnecessary, wasteful, and creates nothing of lasting value, in fact creates many the problems we face,  and the solution of alternative energy to continue the same practice is just plain dumb, when the best and easy solution is to just stop. 
     Energy is everywhere, it just needs to be harnessed, so why in the world are we building SiteC Dam in BC? How much energy do we really need? We waste 60%  of food produced in Canada. 60% of all production energy consumed goes in the garbage can. 60% of transportation energy goes in the garbage can, packaging, rubber, labour, irrigation water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, 60% goes in the garbage can, wasted. We do not need more energy, we need less, and we need to do better with less energy.  We could change this whole scene and bring in new greener technology, but we still have to drop a lot of brain dead things we are doing. With all that excess laid off work force and with stimulated brain cells, we can work on the things that do need to get done.
     Just one more thing.  Money is not a solution, it is a obstacle, a whip, a carrot, a scam, and is corrupting. Money  creates Unemployment, rewards the worst behaviour, causes crisis, makes garbage, is used as a tool of power, and starts wars; enough evidence of how bad money is, can you think of a way to do without money? Well I thought about it plenty, seek and yea shall find, I figured out two ways to end the use of money, one way that I know will not be acceptable to many, is to just refuse to touch money, and become a monk.  Now the second way takes longer but is my preference is to work our way out of using money, how long it takes depends on the speed of people making the transition to a moneyless system. That is the goal, less money is being used by more people everyday, not willingly by most, the money habit has long been viewed as the most practical form of exchange, and has been past down for generations, but it has past it's best before date, money has turned rotten and is going in the Compost of History, and it is all coming down to the ground, and there you will find the Garden Party, practicing economy, without money. The way of the future in practice by many now. The transition from money should be painless, and we all will be free of money stress forever. Welcome to the shade. Who is willing to run in the next federal election?         

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