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Thursday, January 3, 2019


Fraser River Watershed clean-up officially started today with the Garden Party Minister of the Environment picking up garbage along the Thompson River. After doing 30 meters along Canada's Number One Highway, the Minister figures to get the job done by himself would take about 900 years, but if one million BC residents tourists Green Party Members and undocumented workers got involved, the entire watershed would be cleaned up this turn-around year, 2019. The easiest solution to clean up this mess of throw away plastics, is to stop making them, stop buying them, at the very least make sure they are recycled if your have to buy them. Today's plastic packaging is a crime and a disaster, this is the year to change how we do things, waste is no longer acceptable, at least not to the Minister of the Environment. So start the cleanup wherever you are in The Fraser River Drainage System, pick up all the plastics and wish the fish a happy new year. Anyone wanting to join the effort, get exercise and fresh air, and discuss what we can do together to turn around what needs turning, Hilltop Gardens Campsite is base of operations for the Clean Up at this moment. Come prepared for Action. This action is not limited to BC, plastics can be picked up by the people across Canada, the many who will and have already lost jobs better left undone are welcome to jump in as we turn over a new leaf. 
     The Minister of the Environment wishes everyone a Happy Turnover Year! Progress will be posted.

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