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Monday, January 14, 2019


     Take a break, buy nothing for a week, or two weeks, shut off your cell ph, your electricity, your gas, and see how well you survive, just a thought, might be a good exercise for what could happen, should the hay wire that's holding the world monitory mumbo jumbo system together let go in Poland, or when a  piece of duct tape blows off in China, or if Trump does some stupid thing, as he seems to have a manopoly on stupid, any thing could happen, the Garden Party could win the election in Oct, and suddenly millions of Canadians could be digging holes in frozen ground to set up out houses. Just saying, as far as the web goes and with all our infrastructure computerized,  we will be very vulnerable. A nut pushing a button setting off world war, cyberattacks, world financial crash, all kinds of shit could surface at any time setting off a chain reaction, Just saying, it would be Good to be prepared in advance, here are some smart models to copy that are not under patents, that will sustain financial collapse, save water, and will continue to function even if your cell ph is dead. Great place for bank deposits, a house of commons you can trust four out of five times not to have any paperwork.

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