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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

Now Or Never

This is a new beginning, a birth of an idea, a political party without borders. Over the next days weeks months We will see how this sprout grows.

Monday, February 11, 2019


      An Idea!!! Townhouse, Community Meeting, starting a New Politcal Party, for now called The Garden Party. Our focus is the condition of our social and environmental state and what moves we can make to correct our local situation, with awareness of the greater community and the struggles many in this world have to deal with. 
     Now someone has to start this Garden Party, as it is my idea I guess it will be me. Who else is going to do it? And will it work and how will it be structured to have a result desired? One idea is to offer oneself as a Candidate to represent the riding at a public meeting, but to open the opportunity to all that attend to get involved and even to present themselves as a better choice for candidate, and leave that opportunity open from one meeting to the next meeting. This may bring out people who might be the best, hopefully would be the best, who are willing to stand as a candidate in the community for the next Federal Election.
     Just an idea, feel free to use it, right now it is just an idea. I get a lot of ideas, some I am working on daily, others sit on the back burner until the opportunity to crank up the heat comes or is created, sort of being the change rather than waiting for it. Ideas can come from anyone, and it does not matter from whom, or from how long ago, results will only be realized when we put into practice the ideas.
     Right now, in Quesnel, I am going to sleep on the idea, and consider its unlimited possibilities. It has been a cold spell but Spring must be close. Going back to Spences Bridge in a few days.

Monday, February 4, 2019


     Not hard for the Liberal voters to feel forked by Trudeau, and if you are one, and like all other parties as much as turnips, the Garden Party is a plum for you, shovel the Liberal Party aside and run as a Garden Party Independent. Are you a Conservative who thinks The Conservative Party is in the compost for Shier, drop the nut, keep your values, run for the Garden Party as an Independent. Has the NDP lost it's philosophic way, a long long time ago, I would say, rise up you Practicing Socialists and run for the Garden Party as Independants, ask yourself for permission, don't take no for an answer. The Green Party putting out your fire and picking your pocket, get fired up and run for the Garden Party as a Independant. Now that we have properly dealt with the main Political Party clutter, Independants and all other parties including Rhinos and Communists, can also run for the Inclusive Garden Party as Independants. We have a lot more in common than difference, and if we are all here for what is best, we will be diverse enough to figure out the rest. There is no way any Serious Garden Party Candidate will lose, the fires floods dead fish droughts and winds of catastrophe are in our favour. We connect and move forward to do what we must, regardless of election results. Results of Elections mean nothing, results of our actions mean something. It is only a few hundred people needed across the Country to fill up the election slate and take over the house of commons. Who cares enough, who feels the need to make a stand even a last stand, or even a first stand, a personal stand, and dig in, grass roots at its best, participatory Democracy in action. Your move. Run in the next Federal Election, need help, go up on your roof and yell "help", yell help on the street corner, yell help in church, yell help if you are drowning, yell help in school, if none of that works and you are not locked up by then, prune the grapes and yell help from the vineyard and on the web. In capital letters: HELP!!!! make life worth living. Run in the next elections!


     The meek shall inherit the earth, yeah a bare rock when the neoliberal nut bars with their freedom to exploit market economy takes full control of all resources and have dictators of their liking in all South American Countries, Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico with a left leaning President are soon to get the same treatment as Venezuela, squeeze, starve, blame, regime change takeover assets. It is already started in Canada, ten dollars a barrel for oil. If the US gets control of Venezuela's oil, which they will under the pup they are trying to put in power, Canada will get no more than 50 cents for a barrel of oil. By the way : lift the embargo on Maduro, sell him food, he is not a begger, he will feed the people, there are two sides, right now the CBC is giving only One. TeleSur news shows a different side. The inside.  

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Venezuela Oil

      When Chavez took over Venezuela and nationalized the Oil Industry, he did so to benefit the people. The money that was being made from the industry before takeover was all going to a few elite Venezuelans that had deep pockets, too deep to reach down into and share with the many people of Venezuela with empty pockets. Chavez took over the industry with the substantial cash flow and poured large amounts into the empty pockets and into social programs such as schools and hospitals, and cut off the deep pockets. I am not saying that corruption did not exist in the Hugo Chavez Government Officials, without a doubt there is corruption in the Venezuela Government today, but that can be said for every other government bar none. The slow kill that has been applied to break the Venezuela Government started when Hugo Chavez socialized the Oil Industry and profits, it was a slap in the face and wallet to Free Enterprise Explotation. The rest of Business Explotation in Venezuela was left alone by Chavez, but public ownership of such a large oil asset was not going to be allowed by world banks and capitalism. The squeeze and rug pulling is still going on by the elite, pushing Venezuela into civil war or perhaps even US military intervention to get the Oil and revenues out of Socialist hands into the honest clean hands of capitalism. Venezuela is rich in resources other than just oil and if these resources are going to be exploited it should not be just to make a few people or families rich as in most countries such as in Canada and the USA. We Encourage Maduro to clean up corruption in government, and all nations to drop the sanctions against Venezuela. The sanctions just inflict more pain on the poor. Offer Aid and genuine concern for those who suffer the most, open the doors for civil disscussion with the Government of Maduro, which he appears to want. That should be the policy of the Canadian Government. This is the policy of The Minister of Agriculture of the Garden Party, bread instead of bullets and bloodshed. What do you think Mr Maduro? Want to talk?

Monday, January 21, 2019


     All the political parties in Canada wave the environment flag, they have to, to get enough votes to get elected. A couple of decades ago, the environment was not an issue of any Party in Canada, in BC, the Rhino Party was the first Party to make the environment an issue in Federal Elections, I was there, today every candidate will tell you they are enviromentalists, Political Parties are under public pressure now. We are at an environmental crisis of global warming today, and we are trying to counter our fossil fuel energy use with green energy, to keep doing the same things we have been doing. We should be asking why we are doing whatever we are doing in the first place. Most of what people are doing for employment is unnecessary, wasteful, and creates nothing of lasting value, in fact creates many the problems we face,  and the solution of alternative energy to continue the same practice is just plain dumb, when the best and easy solution is to just stop. 
     Energy is everywhere, it just needs to be harnessed, so why in the world are we building SiteC Dam in BC? How much energy do we really need? We waste 60%  of food produced in Canada. 60% of all production energy consumed goes in the garbage can. 60% of transportation energy goes in the garbage can, packaging, rubber, labour, irrigation water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, 60% goes in the garbage can, wasted. We do not need more energy, we need less, and we need to do better with less energy.  We could change this whole scene and bring in new greener technology, but we still have to drop a lot of brain dead things we are doing. With all that excess laid off work force and with stimulated brain cells, we can work on the things that do need to get done.
     Just one more thing.  Money is not a solution, it is a obstacle, a whip, a carrot, a scam, and is corrupting. Money  creates Unemployment, rewards the worst behaviour, causes crisis, makes garbage, is used as a tool of power, and starts wars; enough evidence of how bad money is, can you think of a way to do without money? Well I thought about it plenty, seek and yea shall find, I figured out two ways to end the use of money, one way that I know will not be acceptable to many, is to just refuse to touch money, and become a monk.  Now the second way takes longer but is my preference is to work our way out of using money, how long it takes depends on the speed of people making the transition to a moneyless system. That is the goal, less money is being used by more people everyday, not willingly by most, the money habit has long been viewed as the most practical form of exchange, and has been past down for generations, but it has past it's best before date, money has turned rotten and is going in the Compost of History, and it is all coming down to the ground, and there you will find the Garden Party, practicing economy, without money. The way of the future in practice by many now. The transition from money should be painless, and we all will be free of money stress forever. Welcome to the shade. Who is willing to run in the next federal election?         

Saturday, January 19, 2019


    Why would I think of a thought like that? , unless somebody put it in my head? Unite the Left and the Right. What we have in common is greater than our difference. The few of the extreme left and extreme right also have some things in common with each other. But not too much in common with me. The Left and the Right are divided by Party Politics, both value democracy, rule of law, Elections, constitution, freedom of the press, freedom to criticize, both would like there to be no refugee camps, no war or poverty, both want clean water and air, healthy food, and security. And both the Left and Right, of all ages, the majority, want action dealing with global warming. Not only do we have to deal with a fickle monitory system controlled by a few, we are now facing global social disruption that is likely going to get worse, extremists feed on poverty, feed on anger, feed on frustration and hopelessness. So to change those conditions, we need to get rid of the Left and the Right and make democracy work, and I figure a Garden Party should be a place they could meet and greet, discuss the challenges, draw a map of the road forward with every bodies participation, with our fuel not spent on fighting each other.
     Run in the next election, have a Inclusive Garden Party, Left and Right, we Might make it, and have fun doing it together. We can work out the little differences pruning the grape vines, cutting off the dead wood first, both left and right, everybody knows that deadwood produces no fruit, there is plenty that needs doing, and we should see a good crop by summer, and harvest the House of Commons by fall, lets go!      

Friday, January 18, 2019


     BC Lottery Corp has 500 employees and contractors at its headquarters in Kamloops and are planning an increase of 250 more. More infrastructure, bigger footprint. Consider the whole footprint of the lottery business, the throw away lottery tickets, the manufacturing and distribution of tickets, sales equipment and maintenance, advertising of tickets, and of course the extraction of resources for all materials consumed, that also adds to the foot print. Transportation for all the workers involved is no small footprint when you add in sales clerks, loggers, truckers, pulp mill workers, miners, steel fabricators, rubber plantations, oil refinerys, all play a part in the making of one lottery ticket that promises a win but guarantees a loss. One lottery ticket is not a big environmental crisis, a little paper, maybe plastic or a little aluminum, some ink, but when you add up daily sales across the globe for just this innocent lottery ticket you are now looking daily at a mile long train, a clear cut forest that would take you all day to walk around, a pulp and paper mill, a glue factory and chemical plant, fifty rail cars of chemicals, and five hundred more of fossil fuels. I am making these figures up and they may be low, but what is important to understand that little things become big things when millions of people do them. We can talk also about the social costs of gambling, and addictions, there are many sad stories yet untold. 
     So, why do we have Lotteries. Money, to make money, there really is no other reason for Government to be in the business but to get extra revenues, they say in BC that money made is for all the good things like hospitals, Sports Equipment for schools, charities etc, but in fact only one dollar in a hundred spend on lottery tickets actually gets spent on causes which are chosen by the Lottery Commission, and it seems that commission is now going to spend those revenues on expansion. They may have good intentions, like raising more to fund projects addressing global warming,  one dollar to repair every hundred dollars of damage done, when will they ever learn, the easiest mess to clean up is the one you do not make. 
     And is the real value of a ticket? Nothing. Just turns assets, resources, into a liability, garbage, and in the process picks the pockets of poor people and fills the pockets of legalized organized crime. Good to be on the right side of the law. 
     How do we stop this giant footprint?  STOP BUYING ONE LOTTERY TICKET AND GET ON EVERY BODYS CASE THAT DOES. End the insanity, save the world. Dig in.        

Monday, January 14, 2019


     Take a break, buy nothing for a week, or two weeks, shut off your cell ph, your electricity, your gas, and see how well you survive, just a thought, might be a good exercise for what could happen, should the hay wire that's holding the world monitory mumbo jumbo system together let go in Poland, or when a  piece of duct tape blows off in China, or if Trump does some stupid thing, as he seems to have a manopoly on stupid, any thing could happen, the Garden Party could win the election in Oct, and suddenly millions of Canadians could be digging holes in frozen ground to set up out houses. Just saying, as far as the web goes and with all our infrastructure computerized,  we will be very vulnerable. A nut pushing a button setting off world war, cyberattacks, world financial crash, all kinds of shit could surface at any time setting off a chain reaction, Just saying, it would be Good to be prepared in advance, here are some smart models to copy that are not under patents, that will sustain financial collapse, save water, and will continue to function even if your cell ph is dead. Great place for bank deposits, a house of commons you can trust four out of five times not to have any paperwork.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


    How do I know there is no money in heaven?, I could say I went there and took a look and met the Minister of Finance and was told there was no money, but I will not say that because I would probably be called a nut. But I will say there is no money in heaven and it says so in the Book, and who would call me a nut for saying that, except myself. What is on my mind is this line from the Book: 'It shall be on earth as it is in heaven'. This line cannot be disputed with any true believer. Obviously, to expect heaven on earth, a true believer of the Book, needs to get rid of debt and money. Ask your landlord for agreement to allow heaven on earth and see if that does not get you out in heavens fresh air. Not having a house has its positive points, you get to know and appreciate heaven, and, how much nicer it is in a house in winter with a wood burning stove.


     Let me put this to you: What can I do more than I am doing?, my eyes and ears and even my nose are telling me something is rotten in paradise, something is rotten everywhere, so my detectors tell me. Now, if I am in love with life, in all its forms, am I to feel content? Should I block the messages going to my brain and causing me pain from what I see and hear and smell? How do I get relief from my pain?, sometimes Weeding in the Garden. Sometimes putting energy into some small part of a solution, to eradicate the rotten parts, the same rotting parts that so many have become, numb to, that we all know about. Change is Here, it will not get easier, take over the House of Commons, it belongs to the people, needs to be for the people, and the only way that is the case, it has to be occupied by the people, we can organize a structure of Government that Is the People. About a 180 degree turn, the future demands action. See you in the Big House.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


     The world is gearing up to get out of fossil fuels. Think about it, within a very short time(if it has not already happened) the Oil and Gas supply will exceed demand, countries who have little else to export, with demand dropping, will be dumping fossil fuels at low prices, to get what cash they can. Besides the fact, that we need to stop using fossil fuels, we are building a Hugh LNG Plant on the BC West Coast, that gets its gas from fracking (another polluting process) in North Eastern BC and Alberta, This is just a bad and dirty business. Putting in a pipeline to transport the Natural Gas, is in itself a major disturbance to nature, and waste of steel. This natural gas will have to be liquified for tanker export. The energy to frack and pump the gas and turn it into a cool liquid to fill tankers would be a non starter at today's energy prices. The only reason for SiteC Dam, was to provide a cheap power supply for LNG, another get rich scam started by BC politicians and entrepreneurs to enhance and enrich life for good causes I am sure. Free Dam, free power, free power lines and infrastructure, billed to and maintained by the people who always pay the bill, always!  Mega Projects have always been cash cows for Politicans, especially if the projects are paid for out of the public pocket. 
     Pipelines, LNG Plants, even Oil Refineries are sooner than later, going to be 'white elephants' abandoned and left for Government to clean up at a high cost. Business as usually, exploit resources using the public purse, move profits out of reach of public tax collector, leave the clean up costs to the public taxpayer, just like Polly Mine near Quesnel BC is doing right now. Common Practice of Oil and Mining Companies in Africa, South America, Allover Theworld. Corporations purpose, is making money, lots of money,; money has no concern for environment. unless it generates money, money has no regard for humans unless they generate money for the Corporation. When will we ever make cents.
     Why not now ! The Garden Party of Canada, The pipeline to end pipelines, National Political Party, global warming stops here, with you, take over the House of Commons, be a candidate now, stop buying, and run, in the next fed election, Oct. may the sun shine on you like it did on us in Spences B today. Turning Compost today. Exciting!   Beautiful People!   

Friday, January 11, 2019


    The idea is, to create a new Federal Political Party, the name is not important. What is important, is that all Candidates, have an open agenda, and address global warming. That they step foreword and identify themselves, inform the public with the facts, and be prepared to take over the House Of Commons. And General Motors perhaps. Scientists have given us warnings for decades, is it not time for them to act directly in the Public Politcal Process, and tell all Canadians what the score is, what the goals are, and get everybody on board to reach those goals as fast as humanly possible?
     Can we get a diverse National Party without Political Party Baggage and Power Struggles off the ground? Why not?, because it is too hard?, you think it too late?, what other lame brain excuses are you going to give me and make for your self?, you are too young? Too busy looking for work? Too old and tired and retired? and you are willing to leave younger people to clean up the mess you made that you get your pension from? Arm Industry or Monsanto? All excuses I refuse to accept! Representatives are needed  from every riding, welding shop and farm, to take on a 'money run' system that dictates our demise. Why not, we have all the resources in this country that we really need, we can provide all the food shelter clothing we need, and still have a life worth living. We have the know how, and, collectively we have the skills to solve any problems you can think of, other than bring us back from extinction, money is not what is needed, moneys permission is what we have to rid ourselves from, we do need access to real resources and we need willing conscious workers, who in turn can be provided with their needs. Simple, oh I know, under the existing monetary system of growth economies it is not simple, it is impossible. But in truth, it is simple, all that is really needed is enough people to get beyond money. Yes, the obstacles who want to hold on to their ill gotten gain will use everything they have to hold to their money power and special privileges, but as soon as the plumber goes on strike, they are in shit. They are less than one percent.
     General Motor workers, we have an election coming up in Oct, we have climate warming coming up too, this is a perfect time to stop making gas cars, and a perfect time to gear up production to make the hardware we can use in our fossiless future. Assume control of all tax written off assets (all paid for by the public purse) of GM where you live, and where you still want to work, and make a life time job, building the things that will help tool our fossiless future, get together with your fellow workers, to hash it over, and, maybe you could find enough Candidates for the next federal election to cover all the ridings in Ontario, welcome to The Unemployed Auto Workers Party, the Libtard Party, The Garden Party and The Last Party; we will have a Real Party, when we have something to celebrate. Start the campaign!
      Evoloving. Keep me informed on progress. Isn't 2019 exciting!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2019


    There is nothing in a name like 'Libtard", it does not sound good or even look good to me, so why would I use a put down name for a polictical party like 'Libtard'? After looking up the meaning of Libtard in the Urbin Dictionary, I thought (and could be mistaken) it might be a name that could connect all those terrible tree hugging social workers generally discribed as Libtards, into a Instant National Political Force, as, at the time, I was building up, with the Idea, of a National Party, using the Name 'The Garden Party', which I do like, that bloomed out of Occupationappletree, which grew away from the Occupation Movement. The root of my political and social/environment actions goes back a long way. I took in and helped US draft dodgers and deserters during the Vietnam massacre, was among the first to support organic growers and introduced bulk organic foods into the early farmers markets on the Islands, such as grains from Sask into BC, I brought the environment into the political arena federally with the Rhino Party in Duncan BC, I started the first all purpose recycling business in Victoria BC amply named Total Recycling, later changed to Go Green Recycling, but I had my failures too, my actions to save old growth trees failed, stopping farmed salmon failed, saving Heal Lake and shutting down garbage dumps failed,  stopping the introduction of lotteries and expanded gambling into BC failed, my attempts to address homeless youth on our streets who were in trouble left me in jail, enough for now, there is more, but the one thing I will mention, that I have received an beaded Eagle Feather from Coast First Nations for my help of elders and of women in pain, in downtown Vancouver. I did not intend this blog to get personal, there is both good and bad in my history and I will bring it up if it does any good. Ban the bomb, feed the people, take care of the Garden.
     If it smells like a Libtard, sounds like a Libtard, it probably is a Libtard. Looking for more Libtards to run in the next Federal Election, and I need some help. It is time, I will lay out a very simple structure of organization that will cover the country,  soon, and before the campaign really starts, talk about talk, and walk, and also, for those who are going to run in the next election, to expose the stumbling blocks for Candidates that are built into the Election process. And why we should not use tax write offs for Elections. Enough today, feedback will fuel me, thanks. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


     We are conservationists, two farmers, one with a bad heart, one with an old heart, and a truck driver going in for a hernia operation on the 24th of January in the Quesnel Hospital. We are all fired up, fit, (good enough to last five years), and ready to take over the House Of Commons in Ottawa on Oct 21st. The campaign has started. The Truck Driver Libtard will be having a open house (if allowed) surgery in the Quesnel Hospital on the 24th, and if anyone wants to see what a Libtard is made of inside, so as to get a clear definition of the word 'Libtard', and post it in the Urban Dictionary, the truck driver is ready to show the voters what a Libtard is really made of, we expect that he will be fit to run long before the election. Now that is just what Canada needs, a Politcal Party that knows how to produce good food and has a means of distribution. We have already some plans in the works to change the face of Agriculture across Canada, and there will be room for buffalo. But what we have room for right now, is more Libtard Candidates, as defined in the Urban Dictionary by people who know everything about Libtards and nothing it seems about themselves. 
     This government job is a wee bit more than two farmers and one trucker can do, but we can put edible food on the table, that has substance, and is at least of some value. So, are you a Libtard in the closet, or a Green Party voter that feels like leftover soup? Well, here is a mega opportunity to get fired up with all your passions and run for the Libtard Party. Deal full on with Global Warming, and democratically take over the house in October, which we consider possible, no more pipelines, no coal extraction for export and get out of fossil fuel use in tens years or even less,  bring the full involvement of every voter to participate in our collective agreed prioritized action. These actions we can start on now and during the election process, and (although unlikely) if we lose, we still win, because now we just can continue with our work to achieve our goals doing what we set out to do, and we can do it together and get it done and have fun. The beauty of the Libtard concept, of addressing Global Warming, with changing Agriculture Practices, we can also address a lot, and I do mean a lot of our social and environmental issues. Well, what do you say,  there are obstacles, but we no longer can afford to delay, if you think  I am laying it on too thick trying to get others to step forward, do not worry, I will be right behind them, let us just get going.         

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


    The Garden Party is changing its name but not its actions. The new name, Libtard Party. We are launching a federal campaign, to have a candidate in every riding across Canada for next October election. 'Libtard' is amply defined in the Urban Dictionary, on the web. If you find yourself in the all encompassing  definition as to what a 'Libtard' is, you are likely a Libtard already.  There is no better time than now(maybe fifty years ago), for the Libtards to take over the House in Ottawa, The House of Commons that is. The Name 'Libtard Party' on election ballots might confuse some Liberal Party Supporters that like pipelines, and, they will correctly vote for the Local Libtard. As a Libtard, when you walk into an all Candidates Meeting, you can expect to be met with a chant, Lib Tard, Lib Tard, Lib Tard, from both your supporters and your opposers, and, if they sing together in the right tone, they can work together, and we need United action by everybody we can get on side to address Global Warming. Operating as The Garden Party for some seven years, and with the experience of a life time, I am ready for a National Campaign with my pension check, I will do a biography or a history of my personal work and actions for the last 70 years, but not right now, my history of the last seven years is on my blog: Occupation Apple Tree .com, my e mail is:, my tel: 250 457 7229. I will continue posting on the blog looking for Candidates, or letting them find me. Are you willing and ready for a House Warming Party? Dig in! Spread this around, plant good seeds, something might grow, The Minister of Agriculture is persistent. Evolving.......       .    


     Another K of plastics cleaned up along the north side of the Thompson River today, five k north of Spences Bridge, all the visible garbage except for one stripped car body and about six tires, we will get back and remove them later. Clean up will continue, what can be recycled will be. The Mayor of Stromville and the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture spent a few hours working out on the slopes today. The Idea is to clean up the entire Fraser River water shed to prevent the flow of plastics and chemicals that are ocean bound, one small step at a time, and big leaps when opportunities show up, got any mind boggling Ideas on how to get this job done and keep it clean?  If not, come out for a walk and we can talk while we walk, and maybe leap through 2019.

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Fraser River Watershed clean-up officially started today with the Garden Party Minister of the Environment picking up garbage along the Thompson River. After doing 30 meters along Canada's Number One Highway, the Minister figures to get the job done by himself would take about 900 years, but if one million BC residents tourists Green Party Members and undocumented workers got involved, the entire watershed would be cleaned up this turn-around year, 2019. The easiest solution to clean up this mess of throw away plastics, is to stop making them, stop buying them, at the very least make sure they are recycled if your have to buy them. Today's plastic packaging is a crime and a disaster, this is the year to change how we do things, waste is no longer acceptable, at least not to the Minister of the Environment. So start the cleanup wherever you are in The Fraser River Drainage System, pick up all the plastics and wish the fish a happy new year. Anyone wanting to join the effort, get exercise and fresh air, and discuss what we can do together to turn around what needs turning, Hilltop Gardens Campsite is base of operations for the Clean Up at this moment. Come prepared for Action. This action is not limited to BC, plastics can be picked up by the people across Canada, the many who will and have already lost jobs better left undone are welcome to jump in as we turn over a new leaf. 
     The Minister of the Environment wishes everyone a Happy Turnover Year! Progress will be posted.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


For some people who live in this place called Canada, a Job is something to make money to pay the landlord.  That seems to me like forced labour, almost like a curse. If you get a job, you get a boss; now if you pick the boss, and make up the job you would like to do, that would eliminate the curse part; and, if you pay yourself, as well as make money for the boss, getting hired is easier, and there is not much chance of getting fired; unless you mess up in some way. This concept of creating your own employment, using the assets (equipment, facilities, farms) of one who has what you need to create your desired job and be at the same time a real value to whomever provides the assets, is basically what the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture is doing. This concept of work allows one some freedom, to choose a suitable location to live, to choose work schedule, to work according to weather, adapt to life's changes, all the things workers should have. There are unlimited possibilities in Agriculture, you might say opportunities, that are waiting outside the box of conditioned thinking. At the same time there are many obstacles to persons poor in cash who want to farm; yet our Minister of A, sees opportunities from BC to Manitoba, has had land offers in Ont. and Que. This year is the turn around year, ending useless work and harmful jobs(making balloons and bombs), slowing the growth economy(which is the opposite of true economy), and addressing global warming. The right kind of Agriculture can address a lot of our problems environmentally and socially, that are facing the world, and we can talk about those things, but we can also be active with what we know and with what is available right now. 
     Right now, The Garden Party would like to put together a team effort, with people who want to farm, with people who are making the change from growth economy to real economy. Refugees welcome. Contact Loui at 250 457 7229, lets talk.