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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


     Today, The Garden Party Minister of Fishy Things, is starting the next stage of plastic cleanup of the Frazer River and all tributaries leading to the Ocean, due to concerns that everyone should already know. All plastics, due to gravity, that are just left will work its way to the ocean as it breaks down. So, as not to add extra pollution in the clean up process by burning fossil fuels, the Minister will start the plastic clean up today within walking distance from camp on The Thompson River south of Hilltop Gardens Campsite just north of Spences Bridge. As the ground is(was) free from snow, and ground visibility is best this time of year, it is a good time to get started. Also the Minister gets exercise, a Sence of Accomplishment and is filling a desire to Clean Up All Water Ways, as to improve the lives of Fishy Things. The Garden Party Policy is; if you see a piece of plastic, no matter how small, Pick It Up, redirect its journey. Now of course the Fishy Minister expects that all pilgrims in BC will aid this action by doing like wise, as the Minister knows this is a rather big job for one to do, all help is appreciated. The Garden Party Public Purse is rather light at the moment, as many people after Xmas with credit cards are, but this form of entertainment is as yet untaxed and free, and can provide a small income for those that wish to climb out of the money hole of Xmas, however slow. This work, or pleasure, may help some to reacess and make greater efforts to stem the use of fossil fuel plastics, many that are made from what is called Dirty Oil. So, as soon as this snow melts, (which started falling after this announcement got started), the Minister will be walking the slopes leading into the Thompson River. Do your bit, lots of tiny little bits makes a big difference, and a big difference is expected for 2019.        

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