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Thursday, December 27, 2018


     Refugees stuck at our friendly neighbours border in Mexico, should be facilitated to come to Canada. Community Meetings could be held, or one farmer could figure out where they can be housed temporarily until we find out the needs and skills of the refugees, and move forward from there. Of course the Garden Party would like mostly growers and farmers, but all refugees are welcome.
     This might be a good time to open all Borders. It is a unsettled time in the world and with global warming there may be a lot more refugees, maybe even you. So the Garden Party International has passed a new Human Law. The Right to Move Freely across Borders to seek a peaceful life, without paperwork. Let the refugee choose. We know refugees are not leaving their home because they want to, but because they feel they must. Some of what is wrong in their countries, is caused by us from this country, Canadian mining industry, bananas, corporate foods, those are also needing more attention. So Refugees if you can make it to Garden Party Camp The Minister of Immigration, Self Government of Canada Without Walls, will show you how to survive inspite of Canadian customs.  Happy Turnaround Year!

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