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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


     If one takes a view that the Oil Industry makes piles and piles of money if they are given the freedom to do so(as they have been doing for decades), it is reasonable to have the view that they would like to continue on the same golden path, as was heard stated by the Elected Preimier of Alberta, who followed up with cutting taxes(for the Oil industry but not the public) and saying that a billion and half gift from the Elected Prime Minister of Canada With Borders(walls), was just a beginning of rewards we must take out of the public purse for those poor homeless Oil Industry Barons. Since they(oil barons) have had record breaking profits for decades(not so much for grapes), while Albertans were getting fifty cents a barrel(Grapes were getting Fifty Dollars a barrel), all costs and losses should be on the Oil Industry including pipelines, and the clean up of 144,000(unofficial number) abandoned oil wells, sucked dry and left, expensive cleanup capping sealing job, costs will be Tens of thousands per well, they ran their business like they can do whatever they want, like, transfer ownership when wells are dry, thus transferring their responsibility. New owner(companies created for this purpose), of little resources takes over, takes out a few barrels, goes broke(as expected), and the puplic purse then must pays for clean up, lots of money. Wake up Alberta, the only pipe you are likely to get is from BC, of course filled with BC Bud. Just so all Industry workers can take a puff, relax, have a glass of BC wine, rethink what they did, and what they are going to do, Plant a grapevine? maybe, got to do something since the Fossil Fuel Industry is Over in Alberta, well almost over, one point six billon gift from the Fed Gov to soften the blow but peanuts to the trillions already gone. Investors are going to pot now. At least More and More Public Purse Donners, who do not write off taxes when they buy a pizza, are putting on the brakes, and some are really putting their foot down, Gardeners. Dig in.  

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