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Thursday, December 20, 2018


     The communities that are involved with the Arms Industries need a concise clearly defined decision about the future of Arms manufacturing and export sales. The Garden Party of Canada welcomes the opportunity to give the Decision for a concise and quick end of The Arms Industry. Stop all sales, not only for Saudi Arabia, just get out of the Killing Business Completely. Saying we need the jobs is a sick joke. Workers should quit, they will all be laid off sooner than later. Do we not have brains enough? are we that stupid that we cannot find or make jobs that add to the improvement of life instead of jobs that add to the misery of others?  
      The Minister of Agriculture, And Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment have a few ideas of more productive occupations that need to be done, and clearly want an end of war like sensible people, that may take a while, but for the moment, the least we can do is stop adding to the refugee crisis. 

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