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Thursday, December 27, 2018


     Refugees stuck at our friendly neighbours border in Mexico, should be facilitated to come to Canada. Community Meetings could be held, or one farmer could figure out where they can be housed temporarily until we find out the needs and skills of the refugees, and move forward from there. Of course the Garden Party would like mostly growers and farmers, but all refugees are welcome.
     This might be a good time to open all Borders. It is a unsettled time in the world and with global warming there may be a lot more refugees, maybe even you. So the Garden Party International has passed a new Human Law. The Right to Move Freely across Borders to seek a peaceful life, without paperwork. Let the refugee choose. We know refugees are not leaving their home because they want to, but because they feel they must. Some of what is wrong in their countries, is caused by us from this country, Canadian mining industry, bananas, corporate foods, those are also needing more attention. So Refugees if you can make it to Garden Party Camp The Minister of Immigration, Self Government of Canada Without Walls, will show you how to survive inspite of Canadian customs.  Happy Turnaround Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


     Today, The Garden Party Minister of Fishy Things, is starting the next stage of plastic cleanup of the Frazer River and all tributaries leading to the Ocean, due to concerns that everyone should already know. All plastics, due to gravity, that are just left will work its way to the ocean as it breaks down. So, as not to add extra pollution in the clean up process by burning fossil fuels, the Minister will start the plastic clean up today within walking distance from camp on The Thompson River south of Hilltop Gardens Campsite just north of Spences Bridge. As the ground is(was) free from snow, and ground visibility is best this time of year, it is a good time to get started. Also the Minister gets exercise, a Sence of Accomplishment and is filling a desire to Clean Up All Water Ways, as to improve the lives of Fishy Things. The Garden Party Policy is; if you see a piece of plastic, no matter how small, Pick It Up, redirect its journey. Now of course the Fishy Minister expects that all pilgrims in BC will aid this action by doing like wise, as the Minister knows this is a rather big job for one to do, all help is appreciated. The Garden Party Public Purse is rather light at the moment, as many people after Xmas with credit cards are, but this form of entertainment is as yet untaxed and free, and can provide a small income for those that wish to climb out of the money hole of Xmas, however slow. This work, or pleasure, may help some to reacess and make greater efforts to stem the use of fossil fuel plastics, many that are made from what is called Dirty Oil. So, as soon as this snow melts, (which started falling after this announcement got started), the Minister will be walking the slopes leading into the Thompson River. Do your bit, lots of tiny little bits makes a big difference, and a big difference is expected for 2019.        

Monday, December 24, 2018


     Not that I Do not like Xmas, the joy and all that, and kindness spread around, but is this Xmas joy not a bit of a lie, or is it that all other less joyful days are a bit of a lie and in this day only people can feel joy?   There always is joy at Xmas, and sadness as well, many in refugee camps who could use a gift. They are all welcome to my camp, how about your camp, pilgrim ? Merry Xmas to all the refugees, campers, and land lords.

Friday, December 21, 2018


    Embrace it, Buy No pipelines, Buy No fossil fuels, Buy Nothing today, Sell No Tanks, Sell Nothing today, Take a holiday, Plant a Grapevine, slow global warming, help a refugee, meet your neighbours, have a nice day. Merry Buy Nothing Day!
     Start a Garden if you have not one already, eat, and cool the planet, cut down on fossil fuel use, and enjoy the bliss of weeding out talking heads, put your foot down and dig in, now or never, one big Garden Party, and green the planet, pick up a shovel all you gladiators, this race is for life, celebrations come when there is something to celebrate, pretend and make belief do not cut it when it comes to curiosity and imagination. Dig in!   

Thursday, December 20, 2018


     The communities that are involved with the Arms Industries need a concise clearly defined decision about the future of Arms manufacturing and export sales. The Garden Party of Canada welcomes the opportunity to give the Decision for a concise and quick end of The Arms Industry. Stop all sales, not only for Saudi Arabia, just get out of the Killing Business Completely. Saying we need the jobs is a sick joke. Workers should quit, they will all be laid off sooner than later. Do we not have brains enough? are we that stupid that we cannot find or make jobs that add to the improvement of life instead of jobs that add to the misery of others?  
      The Minister of Agriculture, And Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment have a few ideas of more productive occupations that need to be done, and clearly want an end of war like sensible people, that may take a while, but for the moment, the least we can do is stop adding to the refugee crisis. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


     If one takes a view that the Oil Industry makes piles and piles of money if they are given the freedom to do so(as they have been doing for decades), it is reasonable to have the view that they would like to continue on the same golden path, as was heard stated by the Elected Preimier of Alberta, who followed up with cutting taxes(for the Oil industry but not the public) and saying that a billion and half gift from the Elected Prime Minister of Canada With Borders(walls), was just a beginning of rewards we must take out of the public purse for those poor homeless Oil Industry Barons. Since they(oil barons) have had record breaking profits for decades(not so much for grapes), while Albertans were getting fifty cents a barrel(Grapes were getting Fifty Dollars a barrel), all costs and losses should be on the Oil Industry including pipelines, and the clean up of 144,000(unofficial number) abandoned oil wells, sucked dry and left, expensive cleanup capping sealing job, costs will be Tens of thousands per well, they ran their business like they can do whatever they want, like, transfer ownership when wells are dry, thus transferring their responsibility. New owner(companies created for this purpose), of little resources takes over, takes out a few barrels, goes broke(as expected), and the puplic purse then must pays for clean up, lots of money. Wake up Alberta, the only pipe you are likely to get is from BC, of course filled with BC Bud. Just so all Industry workers can take a puff, relax, have a glass of BC wine, rethink what they did, and what they are going to do, Plant a grapevine? maybe, got to do something since the Fossil Fuel Industry is Over in Alberta, well almost over, one point six billon gift from the Fed Gov to soften the blow but peanuts to the trillions already gone. Investors are going to pot now. At least More and More Public Purse Donners, who do not write off taxes when they buy a pizza, are putting on the brakes, and some are really putting their foot down, Gardeners. Dig in.  

Getting Started

When you plant a tree you have done went ahead and started to slow global warming. You did, not your heros of high places, not your polititions, not your high priests of finance, not your powerful gladiators, you slowed global warming. Feels good, and, a living friend to talk with, discuss what next. You could talk to people as well, talk about how you feel about your good action, discuss what next, make another friend to work together with and tell the world how to do it.

real estate drop

     Speculation on buy low sell high housing along with buyers hiding their ill gotten gain on real estate and expecting to increase their golden pot while people are homeless, are going to get themselves smoked, the ballon is losing air fast and so are the realty who helped blow up the ballon for a share in the action, sales and prices are dropping, up is down today, they will be asking for tax write offs and bale outs just like the oil industry in Alberta. Business failures of Bad Ideas is a Good Idea. We can provide grape vine cuttings from Spences Bridge, present location of Garden Party Government, no wine(Alberta has it this year),  just doing our little part to help bale out people not buying and selling The Garden. Hoe Hoe Hoe the whole Garden is the gift, so too are all it's inhabitants , take care, love all.

Monday, December 17, 2018


     The Minister For More Unemployment does not want to put everybody out of work, but the Minister knows that that, just might happen, and, after ten seconds of deep contemplation, has decided to put a stop to creating total Unemployment, due to possible extinction of the work force, due to too much work already done to reach humans goal of heaven on earth.  The human methods of achieving those golden goals seems as taking us all to the hotter darker place. The devil is in the details, visible to those who have eyes, so our Minister (who can see behind and in front, both sides and up and down) is now calling for full employment, and two jobs for everybody who has one. We are all now going to work together, supporting one another, (bankrupting some), on slowing down global warming, Garden Party Emergency Shovel Response.. This has been the policy of the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Walls, (remember the rejected brick), since conception of ground up Government . Green the planet, the Minister For More Unemployment is handing out Jobs left and right, up and down for all refugees and everybody else sidelined, the willing, just before Xmas, it is hard job that may accompany some sacarfice, but somebody has to do it, what next, what picture do we want to look at, and feel good? Cover the planet green, and heal the rest in the process, that is next, many hands make the job light. Dig in.   

Saturday, December 15, 2018


     How to not do it. It appears (though it may be a aberration) that qualified talking heads (knowing hands and feet are muffled) are finally pouring out warnings from every crevice that movements even greater than their well exercisized honeyed lips must be must be done (emphasized 'must be' repeated even thrice).  It would be good that hands and feet are in harmony with sweet words, but sweet or not, right action begets results, sweet results.  

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Canadians will always stand up for human rights, those are the words of the PM, but Canada continues to sell arms to anyone who has the money to buy them. Now the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture may be a bit slow, but, would like an explanation, of how does selling Arms stand up for human rights? When will the PM get up out of his high chair and stand up like the Canadians that he claims 'Always stand up for Human Rights'? Standing Up and Dig In, or get off the pot.. 
     Message to Liberal Party Members from the Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party, Participatory Self Government of Canada Without Borders.