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Saturday, November 17, 2018


     That is how much clothing is dumped into Canadian Dumps every year. There are only 35 million humans in Canada. What is going on? and off? and into the dumps in Canada? Not sure if that is clean  weight or dirty weight. But that means a Canadian would wear and dump about 3,500 pairs of socks a year and would have to change socks ten times a day and nine on days off to keep up doing their share to trash the planet. All clothing ends up dumped or burned someday, but 12 million tons, just in the landfills every year......that is unacceptable Canada. You have been exposed, 10 pairs of socks per day, nine on Dec 25th, come on, it's not that cold in Canada, if you are talking about the weather. The Minister of Agriculture needs only one pair of socks all winter in Spences Bridge BC, and does not need any in the summer. Farmers everywhere for the most part, wear out their socks, and themselves, feeding all the people wearing out ten pairs of socks a day and throwing them away. 
     Take a good look at what you are wearing right now. How long would it take before you could wear out what you have on now? Your normal use. Now, wear them out, new normal addressing global warming, don't need legislation or wait for Fraud elections, just pull-up your socks, and wear them out.   

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