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Saturday, November 3, 2018


     I have had enough. If that guy who thinks he can improve the Conservative  Party of Canada, and have a full slate of candidates for the next Federal Election(last election was in contravention  of Canadian Constitution), so can I, says The Minister of Agriculture for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada!
     We have to do far more than improve the political parties, our extinction is eminent, it just might be the case. Our extinction is a For Sure Thing, if we are to carry on with our life destroying life style, and wait for political power before change can be made, while we are dumping billions of barrels of toxic chemicals into a living environment, every year, around the globe, mostly for controlling nature, and in the process, killing of all life, seems like humans are reaching the Sick Stage right now, that is a personal observation. 
      I am calling it the Garden Party, it is only a name, and it can vary or change, the idea that the Earth is One Big Garden, and everyone has a responceabilty to take care of The Garden. It unites the human race with a common goal, and we can work out the rest. It is completely possible we might save our own ass if we were not so mule headed, sitting on our ass. 
      This is an unofficial, The Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party, if he is still standing, is going to participate in the next Federal Election. It may well be his last attempt at Standing. Since the Minister is broke due to unexpected circumstances, there will be a slight delay  of the planned national tour, but that need not stop anyone from announcing their intent on running as a Candidate in the Next Federal Election. Of course the Minister of Agriculture knows you want to get to work right now, the Minister can be found in the Grape Vines at Hilltop Campsite five k north of Spences Bridge, or try the phone, 2504577229  

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