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Friday, November 23, 2018


    The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, has just today received an invitation from The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture, Self Government  of North Africa to look at Agriculture practice in some semi desert areas. The Minister from Canada will have to get a passport to go to North Africa even if the Minister questions these ownership claims of Borders. And how much global warming fossil fuels get spent getting a passport, and paying for the service of all the processors and their fossil fuels to get to their work, printing out passports, cutting down forests for paperwork, when the Minister knows who he is and the Borders were made by claims, and all land claims are false, ask any butterfly. But at this time in space, the Minister of Agriculture will attempt to get a passport this winter, and is in the practice of austerity while raising funds to go to Africa. The Minister cannot turn down an invitation, even if it is in an Africain Desert.  So if you want to get rid of the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture and save waste paper, send your taxes directly to the Minister.   

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