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Thursday, November 8, 2018


     Looks like our Minister For More Unemployment has successfully shut down another fossil fuel pipeline with the help of a judge from Montana USA. Great! Self Government is making progress. That means the planned expansion of Canadian Tar Sands might not be so profitable. Word is that Canada is or is going to lose one hundred million dollars per day of revenues without a pipeline. This is the spin given to the public by promoters of pipelines. That's a lot of money to splash around with if one pipeline can bring in $100,000,000 every day, Three Billion a month, for 10 or 20 years. Little wonder they set direction of spare change to buy off politicians and opposition. Not any more, fossil fuel consumption is dropping fast, everybody in the world is already on the horse wagon, some North Americans are a little slow, hanging on to their 350 horse power wagon always in a hurry going back and forth getting nowhere, help them with the brakes, will you. All employment should come under introspection, what am I Doing, what is the purpose, what are the true costs, we are not talking about money here, however the use of money is the direct cause of true costs. Measure the true costs against real and necessary benefits. A careful look at all employment in the big picture, which is made up by little supporting pictures, you will see a lot of space that would be better blank. And the energy required to maintain this mass insanity of pipelines for cars, to work at useless if not harmful jobs, only making more health problems burning up fossil fuels. All the Minister For More Unemployment has to say is "Every one, Put Your vote to work and make More Unemployment, see you in the Garden. 

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