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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


     The change of the electrical process in BC does not address corruption of those in power. It may put a different mix in the Ivory Tower, but, it will still be top down Government, when the intent of democracy was that representatives of the people serve the desires of the people. That is not what is happening in Canada, money highjacks the well intended process, and representatives chosen by voting of the people are really the choice of those who have the gold. Gold owns the propaganda machines, newspapers, radio, TV, and now can influence voters by the internet. That will not change by changing the election process. We need a new structure to Elections. Political Parties, one vote every four years, top down Government, are not in the future. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is the bottom rules, the bottom holding up the top, the bottom is the majority and has a solid foundation, the bottom is now voting with every action, and is setting a new direction to correction of Agriculture Methods across Canada, and the USA. Work in progress. 

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