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Friday, November 30, 2018


     Site C Dam, according to a experienced and successful prospector and geologist, is being built across two  plates, it is a fault line that has not moved for a few centuries but has moved in the past. Fracking may have been the cause of the resent earthquake at Fort St John, magnitude 4.5, but whatever the cause, it's centre was a stones throw from Site C Dam, 20 to 40k. The reason given for extra costs of Site C is to establish a solid foundation for the Dam. There is no solid rock under the river where the Dam is being built, it is fractured broken unstable rock, this is what geologists from Site C Dam reported to our Garden Party Minister of Geology. The Minister, Leaveright, clearly states, that no geologist with a brain, could say that Site C Dam would ever be 100% safe. Besides the Fact that the Dam is being built for LNG Industry, Besides the Fact that the World is moving away from fossil. fuels and Must due to Climate Change from Global Warming, Besides the Fact, that we have an excess of Electricity and we do not need, or want the Dumb Mega Dam and we do not need or want more fracking and pipelines, even if it is true Canadians are the biggest wasters on the planet and our houses, those that have one, are full of stuff useless to our daily lives, we say Stop This Insanity of trying to increase yearly our waste to Grow The Economy.  Hardly the meaning of Economy. For who, and for what, are we doing all this, and what do we get, another day older and deeper in debt, best thing to do is quit, and pick up a shovel, see you on the farm.

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