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Monday, November 19, 2018

Chapter One

     A different approach to stimulate action to address world problems on local and personal levels. It really is all the same place. That is what I will attempt to write about, an approach using Agriculture, go where it goes. Global Warming tops the list of problems, right now, changes are taking place in our environment around the world that are unpredictable, which will affect world food supplies, there will be crop failures and we should be able to respond to all our foods needs locally, and, hopefully have excess to provide for our extended family who have been hit by crop failures and who need help in readjusting to new weather changes wherever this is taking place. Right now, here in Canada, millions of acres of land under cultivation, and people in Canada are going hungry.  Agriculture can address, or slow down global warming and feed the world population done right. 
     This bring us to another problem that needs fixing. Toxins, not just the billions of gallons of herbicides and pesticides dumped on our earth, water and air, the waste from Industry, fossil fuels, this is a complete disrespect of resources and of our life sustaining planet, this can be addressed changing food production and distribution with Agriculture. Are we willing to be sensible and take on the task?     

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