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Friday, November 30, 2018


     Site C Dam, according to a experienced and successful prospector and geologist, is being built across two  plates, it is a fault line that has not moved for a few centuries but has moved in the past. Fracking may have been the cause of the resent earthquake at Fort St John, magnitude 4.5, but whatever the cause, it's centre was a stones throw from Site C Dam, 20 to 40k. The reason given for extra costs of Site C is to establish a solid foundation for the Dam. There is no solid rock under the river where the Dam is being built, it is fractured broken unstable rock, this is what geologists from Site C Dam reported to our Garden Party Minister of Geology. The Minister, Leaveright, clearly states, that no geologist with a brain, could say that Site C Dam would ever be 100% safe. Besides the Fact that the Dam is being built for LNG Industry, Besides the Fact that the World is moving away from fossil. fuels and Must due to Climate Change from Global Warming, Besides the Fact, that we have an excess of Electricity and we do not need, or want the Dumb Mega Dam and we do not need or want more fracking and pipelines, even if it is true Canadians are the biggest wasters on the planet and our houses, those that have one, are full of stuff useless to our daily lives, we say Stop This Insanity of trying to increase yearly our waste to Grow The Economy.  Hardly the meaning of Economy. For who, and for what, are we doing all this, and what do we get, another day older and deeper in debt, best thing to do is quit, and pick up a shovel, see you on the farm.

Monday, November 26, 2018


     The Minister For More Unemployment, the only politician who has kept all promises, promises more job losses for Canadians, the relatively cabbage size pay checks for auto industry workers in Ontario are being restructured to match the brussel sprout pay checks of Agricultural Workers. Without benefits.
     The Minister of Agriculture for The Garden Party is sending out invitations of all soon to be unemployed auto workers, soon to be unemployed military industry workers, and IKEA Junk sales people,  to a Garden Party this week in Spences Bridge, to put in posts for the new grape vines. The Minister figures that with minimum retraining, of how to live better with less, we will all benefit beyond expectations. Have A Nice Day!    

Sunday, November 25, 2018


     Looks like banning the nuclear bomb has gone on the back burner, but as long as these bombs exist, they are a danger. It is one danger that if we somehow mobilize as people of common sense and take every action we can think about, we could force the our governments, the ones without Nuclear Weapons, to speak out and take peaceful actions against all Nations that have the Bomb. We can all take action in some form, from a personal boycott of goods coming from countries who have nuclear weapons, and also by refusing support in goods and services to those same countries. Look up which countries have them, take action, personal action, clubs, schools, non profit organizations, churches, political parties, whatever you can think of, and bring down the bomb, and stop making any more. It can be done, it needs to be done, so people, start your action today. A message from the Garden Party, putting Ban The Bomb on the front burner, and cooking it off in 2019. A uplift from the grass roots to prevent further damage now and in the future from something we can control while we work on the rest of the global mess. Dig in.          

Friday, November 23, 2018


    The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, has just today received an invitation from The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture, Self Government  of North Africa to look at Agriculture practice in some semi desert areas. The Minister from Canada will have to get a passport to go to North Africa even if the Minister questions these ownership claims of Borders. And how much global warming fossil fuels get spent getting a passport, and paying for the service of all the processors and their fossil fuels to get to their work, printing out passports, cutting down forests for paperwork, when the Minister knows who he is and the Borders were made by claims, and all land claims are false, ask any butterfly. But at this time in space, the Minister of Agriculture will attempt to get a passport this winter, and is in the practice of austerity while raising funds to go to Africa. The Minister cannot turn down an invitation, even if it is in an Africain Desert.  So if you want to get rid of the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture and save waste paper, send your taxes directly to the Minister.   

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


      November 21st, monthly World Buy Nothing Day. Save everything, buy nothing. To celebrate this regular event, take a holiday from work, especially if your work is selling, and since soon nobody will buying, it is a day to leave your car parked, and start another regular event, Meet Your Neighbor Day. Perhaps people can discuss the insanity that is going on in this world, and bring it all to a peaceful conclusion. One positive outcome from one day of inaction a month results in one thirtieth of a reduction of insanity. One Thirtieth reduction of Planetary Genocide. One day is a start, and, One day, 100 Monkey Day, will be a new day. Bugs Day, Birds Day, Bears Day, Buy Nothing Day. Happy Holiday.  

Monday, November 19, 2018

Chapter One

     A different approach to stimulate action to address world problems on local and personal levels. It really is all the same place. That is what I will attempt to write about, an approach using Agriculture, go where it goes. Global Warming tops the list of problems, right now, changes are taking place in our environment around the world that are unpredictable, which will affect world food supplies, there will be crop failures and we should be able to respond to all our foods needs locally, and, hopefully have excess to provide for our extended family who have been hit by crop failures and who need help in readjusting to new weather changes wherever this is taking place. Right now, here in Canada, millions of acres of land under cultivation, and people in Canada are going hungry.  Agriculture can address, or slow down global warming and feed the world population done right. 
     This bring us to another problem that needs fixing. Toxins, not just the billions of gallons of herbicides and pesticides dumped on our earth, water and air, the waste from Industry, fossil fuels, this is a complete disrespect of resources and of our life sustaining planet, this can be addressed changing food production and distribution with Agriculture. Are we willing to be sensible and take on the task?     


    This is about my friend John E Currie, and where it goes nobody knows. John still manages to take care of himself at home, and for health reasons, he is stuck at home, his mind is...., let me put it this way, I visit him often, and it is the best mind I have ever met. He was raised by a mother with a Garden, a cook pot and a big heart, and, by a father with a carpenter's saw, who was a damaged veteran of World War One. John was a Merchant Mariner in WW2. I am still learning from John every time I see him without fail. But he is getting old, and he is often lonely for good company, I am sure he would appreciate visits from some of the many people he has crossed paths with over his many years spend on BC's Coast. I am sure a lot of friends would go to his funeral, he might even delay paradise if he saw more people before that day, I am sure he would prefer to see friends while he is alive. I know he won't yell at you if you do not show up at his funeral, but right now, he can yell if necessary. I am going in a couple of days to visit John, for a couple of days. Most of the work I wanted to get done on the farm before freeze up and snow, is done, there is some snow and rain weather in the forecast, so for a few days I will be off the farm in SB and see John. He lives in the last house left side on Diamond St in Harrison Hot Springs, drop in any time. To be continued, Louis Lesosky.       

Saturday, November 17, 2018


     That is how much clothing is dumped into Canadian Dumps every year. There are only 35 million humans in Canada. What is going on? and off? and into the dumps in Canada? Not sure if that is clean  weight or dirty weight. But that means a Canadian would wear and dump about 3,500 pairs of socks a year and would have to change socks ten times a day and nine on days off to keep up doing their share to trash the planet. All clothing ends up dumped or burned someday, but 12 million tons, just in the landfills every year......that is unacceptable Canada. You have been exposed, 10 pairs of socks per day, nine on Dec 25th, come on, it's not that cold in Canada, if you are talking about the weather. The Minister of Agriculture needs only one pair of socks all winter in Spences Bridge BC, and does not need any in the summer. Farmers everywhere for the most part, wear out their socks, and themselves, feeding all the people wearing out ten pairs of socks a day and throwing them away. 
     Take a good look at what you are wearing right now. How long would it take before you could wear out what you have on now? Your normal use. Now, wear them out, new normal addressing global warming, don't need legislation or wait for Fraud elections, just pull-up your socks, and wear them out.   

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


     The Garden Party Minister of Re-creation is pleased that the Calgary Gardeners voted for resources to be spent on something better than turning our kids into gladiators. The Sports Industry, The Olympic Industry, all directed for maximum profits while entertaining and distracting the masses. Eating up resources and damaging bodies. Gladiator Games are not sustainable. Billions of wheelbarrows of fossil fuels to fly around our entertainment every day. No. Not Sustainable. Let the Olympics go, we have to address global warming.  The Race for our lives. Green the Planet, a cool green blanket.     

Thursday, November 8, 2018


     Looks like our Minister For More Unemployment has successfully shut down another fossil fuel pipeline with the help of a judge from Montana USA. Great! Self Government is making progress. That means the planned expansion of Canadian Tar Sands might not be so profitable. Word is that Canada is or is going to lose one hundred million dollars per day of revenues without a pipeline. This is the spin given to the public by promoters of pipelines. That's a lot of money to splash around with if one pipeline can bring in $100,000,000 every day, Three Billion a month, for 10 or 20 years. Little wonder they set direction of spare change to buy off politicians and opposition. Not any more, fossil fuel consumption is dropping fast, everybody in the world is already on the horse wagon, some North Americans are a little slow, hanging on to their 350 horse power wagon always in a hurry going back and forth getting nowhere, help them with the brakes, will you. All employment should come under introspection, what am I Doing, what is the purpose, what are the true costs, we are not talking about money here, however the use of money is the direct cause of true costs. Measure the true costs against real and necessary benefits. A careful look at all employment in the big picture, which is made up by little supporting pictures, you will see a lot of space that would be better blank. And the energy required to maintain this mass insanity of pipelines for cars, to work at useless if not harmful jobs, only making more health problems burning up fossil fuels. All the Minister For More Unemployment has to say is "Every one, Put Your vote to work and make More Unemployment, see you in the Garden. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


     The change of the electrical process in BC does not address corruption of those in power. It may put a different mix in the Ivory Tower, but, it will still be top down Government, when the intent of democracy was that representatives of the people serve the desires of the people. That is not what is happening in Canada, money highjacks the well intended process, and representatives chosen by voting of the people are really the choice of those who have the gold. Gold owns the propaganda machines, newspapers, radio, TV, and now can influence voters by the internet. That will not change by changing the election process. We need a new structure to Elections. Political Parties, one vote every four years, top down Government, are not in the future. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is the bottom rules, the bottom holding up the top, the bottom is the majority and has a solid foundation, the bottom is now voting with every action, and is setting a new direction to correction of Agriculture Methods across Canada, and the USA. Work in progress. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018


     I have had enough. If that guy who thinks he can improve the Conservative  Party of Canada, and have a full slate of candidates for the next Federal Election(last election was in contravention  of Canadian Constitution), so can I, says The Minister of Agriculture for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada!
     We have to do far more than improve the political parties, our extinction is eminent, it just might be the case. Our extinction is a For Sure Thing, if we are to carry on with our life destroying life style, and wait for political power before change can be made, while we are dumping billions of barrels of toxic chemicals into a living environment, every year, around the globe, mostly for controlling nature, and in the process, killing of all life, seems like humans are reaching the Sick Stage right now, that is a personal observation. 
      I am calling it the Garden Party, it is only a name, and it can vary or change, the idea that the Earth is One Big Garden, and everyone has a responceabilty to take care of The Garden. It unites the human race with a common goal, and we can work out the rest. It is completely possible we might save our own ass if we were not so mule headed, sitting on our ass. 
      This is an unofficial, The Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party, if he is still standing, is going to participate in the next Federal Election. It may well be his last attempt at Standing. Since the Minister is broke due to unexpected circumstances, there will be a slight delay  of the planned national tour, but that need not stop anyone from announcing their intent on running as a Candidate in the Next Federal Election. Of course the Minister of Agriculture knows you want to get to work right now, the Minister can be found in the Grape Vines at Hilltop Campsite five k north of Spences Bridge, or try the phone, 2504577229