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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


     There are some Sensible People in high places, they are calling on governments to take action to address a long list of social and environmental problems, but for the most part they are ignored. So too are some sensible people in low places, being ignored. There are solutions, there are improvements, that could be done now, on all our social and environment problems, some are simple and some are difficult but they need doing, and real action is what is required now. 
    What is the problem? We have the ability and resources, so why the delay by Governments. 
     As well as Weeding, the Minister of Agriculture is getting back into politics, his latest policy is to facilitate the refugees coming north to get to Canada. Perhaps the US Military could escort them to Canada to help the Minister fight off Global Warming and put an end to herbicides and pesticides and razor wire. 

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