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Monday, October 15, 2018


     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders Garden Party Minister of Finance calls Money the biggest cause for Unemployment. Every small farmer, (5 to 150 acres) knows that help often costs more than the profits made from the extra products produced and sold. The Quantity and Quality increases, but with food prices and food distribution controlled by a few giants of the corporate food industry, the small farmer, the sustainable grower, is always in a struggle to continue farming. The Money Game of Monopoly, to get bigger and bankrupt the smaller. Family farms have almost disappeared in Canada.  There are 6,000 acre farms still operated by families of two or three generations, but even they and their farms are under the thumbs of corporate seed and fertilizer giants, and of course bankers who will bring you coffee and donuts on regular spring visits, in the money game, the farmer will get the holes of the donuts, and the banker will get the farm. That is the way it is, and that is the way it is not going to be any longer, the Real Minister of Agriculture is on the job, help is welcome, Money does not prevent work here, and there is a lot that could be processed right now. Apples, tomatoes, peaches the list goes on, family farms produce tons and tons of food, family farms are sustainable, and can be environmentally friendly, large monoculture corporate controlled farms are not sustainable, and are very environmentally unfriendly. We are here. to change Agriculture across Canada, more farmers, less CEOs and Bankers. The Garden Party. Stick your finger in the ground and get connected.      

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