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Tuesday, October 2, 2018


     The Garden Party Minister For Prevention of Planned Future Disasters, is calling for a General Strike to stop the planned disaster of The Planet. This is how the Minister sees it, LNG is not profitable without a cheap energy, that was the only reason that Site C Dam was rushed in by the Liberal Party, and destruction is continued by the NDP/Green Coalition. The public has seen their energy bills increase, to pay for the Dam, when the actual costs of BC energy are less. The costs  of the last Dam and all the infrastructure are paid for, maintenance and upgrading alone are a fraction of costs, and power rates should have dropped to the public. Instead of lowering public rates to the rates corporations such as pulp mills pay, the rates have gone up for the public, to pay for a new Dam that is being built, on a Old fault line, for the LNG. Basically, the LNG industry gets a free unsafe Dam, cheap power, low royalties on public resources, and all their costs for pipe lines, fracking, pumping, and processing, are tax write offs.  The reality is; the public pays all the costs of the corperations, does all the work, gives up their resources, and are left with the clean up bill. The Minister is not a happy camper, and has gone on a general strike again.  

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