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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Immaculate Conception

     Happened at Hilltop Gardens Campsite, Spences Bridge. A couple from Mexico came to help pick tomatoes at the farm and they are now heading home to have their baby.  The Campsite might just be the perfect spot for couples seeking a immaculate conception. Work out on the farm every day, fresh dry air and sun shine, spring water, cold water creek, good clean fruit and veggies all year, stress free, sounds like a recipe for an immaculate conception to the Minister of Propagating Young Farmers for the Kindred Garden Party, Self Government of Canada With Open Borders. There is still time to get some fresh air at Hilltop Farms, Spences Bridge, pulling up last years gardens. The Minister of Agriculture is broke at the moment, so come prepared to work for appreciation.

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