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Tuesday, October 9, 2018


     Academics are about to gets their hands dirty. Research is no longer an end, it is a beginning. Acting on their research, the academics, and scientists, with the affected public, will become the new normal action now, so pick up the shovel, more grape vines ready to plant. The Warning about what the world will get from further Global Warming has now been laid out by our scientists, and gleaners. It is the time to act, and create a new scene. Do it for everybody, you can choose your brush, paint your part that blends in to the big picture. Fossil fuels are on their way out, cut back every bit you can now, organize your lifestyle to work your way to zero use of non renewable fossil fuels. 
     The Garden Party Gleaners are organizing a business called United Garden Gleaners, UGG.  We are creating opportunities for refugees interested in Agriculture. Green the Garden, Absorb the Co2, Cool the Planet, Feed the Need, and help refugees feel at home. The Minister of Agriculture is swamped with work to do, like gleaning the tomatoes.        

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