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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


     There are some Sensible People in high places, they are calling on governments to take action to address a long list of social and environmental problems, but for the most part they are ignored. So too are some sensible people in low places, being ignored. There are solutions, there are improvements, that could be done now, on all our social and environment problems, some are simple and some are difficult but they need doing, and real action is what is required now. 
    What is the problem? We have the ability and resources, so why the delay by Governments. 
     As well as Weeding, the Minister of Agriculture is getting back into politics, his latest policy is to facilitate the refugees coming north to get to Canada. Perhaps the US Military could escort them to Canada to help the Minister fight off Global Warming and put an end to herbicides and pesticides and razor wire. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Immaculate Conception

     Happened at Hilltop Gardens Campsite, Spences Bridge. A couple from Mexico came to help pick tomatoes at the farm and they are now heading home to have their baby.  The Campsite might just be the perfect spot for couples seeking a immaculate conception. Work out on the farm every day, fresh dry air and sun shine, spring water, cold water creek, good clean fruit and veggies all year, stress free, sounds like a recipe for an immaculate conception to the Minister of Propagating Young Farmers for the Kindred Garden Party, Self Government of Canada With Open Borders. There is still time to get some fresh air at Hilltop Farms, Spences Bridge, pulling up last years gardens. The Minister of Agriculture is broke at the moment, so come prepared to work for appreciation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


     Justin Trudeau said that to cancel Arms Deals would cost the Canadian Taxpayer a 'great deal' of money. Sounds like Trudeau considers money more valued than the loss of innocent lives. And just why will taxpayers be stuck with costs if deals of weapons are cancelled? The public is not informed on much when it comes to the Made in Canada Weapons Industries. Secrets. What are they hiding that they need to keep secrets? How much is the public purse funding the Arms Industies right now, these are just questions that are not important, just shut down all the Arms Manufacturing in Canada and Everywhere Else. Lose your job before more innocent lose their life.       

Monday, October 22, 2018

Proportional Representation

     What different happens for most of the folks in BC if they leave the 'First Past the Post' and switch to 'Proportional Representation'? For those that vote, they still get to vote. For those that do not vote, the majority, will likely still not vote. Nothing different there. The choice of candidates will still be made by Parties, under both systems, and you get to vote only for those chosen by very small inner circles, nothing different there. The common voter and non voter still have no say in what Government does after being elected, nothing different there. The only changes that might take place is that a few candidates will have a seat in the legislature even if they did not get the most votes in the riding they ran to represent. That may open the door to more parties of people getting a few Candidates in the legislature, that could be better or worse. No matter which voting system, it will not make much difference to an election process that fails to give the voter and non voter say in Government Policy and Action during their whole term in office.
     The Garden Party Self Government Policy and Action is full Participatory Government, voter, non voter, can be directly involved in all Government Action. Members do not give away their power by a vote once every four years and lose all control over their life direction to candidates they never met, candidates that may serve their own agendas. Agendas not known by the powerless voters. So pick up a shovel and vote every day, there is a job to do, and, have a Garden Party.   

Sunday, October 21, 2018


     Got money? You can go to most places in the world. Most barriers can be overcome, if you have lots of money, you can live almost anywhere, borders are not more than a hassle. Money gives you access to the world. The rich get to enjoy the world, or seem to have entitlement to what the world has to offer. Now if you are poor, it seems there is no entitlement. Borders block those Without Money, the poor, often refugees moving out of harms way, so it is, the more one has, the more one is 'entitled' to the blessings the world has to offer. Something is wrong about that picture, now taking down Borders will not solve all problems, but it would get a major problem out of the way for many of the hungry and oppressed who feel forced to leave their homeland and seek a better life elsewhere. To move, should be every humans right. They could be helped to make a change instead of being blocked.
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Minister of Agriculture invites all the people on the march across Mexico to come north to Canada and help change Agriculture in Canada. No Documemtation required by the Garden Party, not likely to be paid either but we will have plenty to eat and something to do while we figure out the next move. The Garden Party Policy of Sustainable food production for Canada will create opportunities for 180,000 permanent beneficial jobs next year, and permanently eliminate 180,000 useless jobs, like border patrol and immigration departments. So spend the winter crossing Mexico and Try not to run into Trump while crossing the USA, but, there may be temporary jobs at Trump Hotels, certain major Arms Dealers and Buyers of Things seem to find Trump Hotels the kind of accommodation suitable for conducting some 560 Billion Dollars of business things. When the snow melts come up north and dig in, don't let Money stop you, see you when you get here.          

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


     According to Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia told him on his visit, they wanted to buy 110 billion in weapons, and 450 billion in Things. What Things? Shares in the Arms Industry? Hotels? Potash mines? Farmland? How much Things is Saudi buying up in Canada? They are buying at least 15 Billion in weapons from Canada, 60 billion of Things sounds close. Saskatchewan Potash? 10000 dead in Yemen Etnic Cleansing, shut down Arms Sales and Things to Saudi Arabia. Have a nice day.   

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


     Bit Coin is a Energy Suck. 25% of the power consumed by the internet is used by a bunch that are trying to get rich Mining a mental concoction that produces something out of nothing. But the process of making nothing does consume real energy. The Belief in Bit Coin being a real value, just like the Belief of Money being a value unto itself, when Belief fails, Money is nothing, as it has always been, nothing but a belief. The world is hard wired to Money, but the world is also waking up to the falsehood of a honest dollar.  The idea of letting money get in the way of social change and environmental progress is no more. If money stops you from your good works, get up on the roof of your outhouse and scream! Bit Coin is about to Bite the dust! Cash in your coins today,  and get on the roof of your outhouse, and scream. Crash Bit Coin.   

Monday, October 15, 2018


     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders Garden Party Minister of Finance calls Money the biggest cause for Unemployment. Every small farmer, (5 to 150 acres) knows that help often costs more than the profits made from the extra products produced and sold. The Quantity and Quality increases, but with food prices and food distribution controlled by a few giants of the corporate food industry, the small farmer, the sustainable grower, is always in a struggle to continue farming. The Money Game of Monopoly, to get bigger and bankrupt the smaller. Family farms have almost disappeared in Canada.  There are 6,000 acre farms still operated by families of two or three generations, but even they and their farms are under the thumbs of corporate seed and fertilizer giants, and of course bankers who will bring you coffee and donuts on regular spring visits, in the money game, the farmer will get the holes of the donuts, and the banker will get the farm. That is the way it is, and that is the way it is not going to be any longer, the Real Minister of Agriculture is on the job, help is welcome, Money does not prevent work here, and there is a lot that could be processed right now. Apples, tomatoes, peaches the list goes on, family farms produce tons and tons of food, family farms are sustainable, and can be environmentally friendly, large monoculture corporate controlled farms are not sustainable, and are very environmentally unfriendly. We are here. to change Agriculture across Canada, more farmers, less CEOs and Bankers. The Garden Party. Stick your finger in the ground and get connected.      

Sunday, October 14, 2018


     How long has the Garden Party Minister of Disaster Prevention saying, Shut Down the Arms Industry, here and abroad, wherever we live. That business of death creates the Yemen Disaster for jobs in Canada. And Canadians are still selling Arms to Saudis. Crawl all over that Head of your Government to shut down sales and shipment of All Arms, we have better things to do, like pick apples.     

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


     Academics are about to gets their hands dirty. Research is no longer an end, it is a beginning. Acting on their research, the academics, and scientists, with the affected public, will become the new normal action now, so pick up the shovel, more grape vines ready to plant. The Warning about what the world will get from further Global Warming has now been laid out by our scientists, and gleaners. It is the time to act, and create a new scene. Do it for everybody, you can choose your brush, paint your part that blends in to the big picture. Fossil fuels are on their way out, cut back every bit you can now, organize your lifestyle to work your way to zero use of non renewable fossil fuels. 
     The Garden Party Gleaners are organizing a business called United Garden Gleaners, UGG.  We are creating opportunities for refugees interested in Agriculture. Green the Garden, Absorb the Co2, Cool the Planet, Feed the Need, and help refugees feel at home. The Minister of Agriculture is swamped with work to do, like gleaning the tomatoes.        

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


     The Garden Party Minister For Prevention of Planned Future Disasters, is calling for a General Strike to stop the planned disaster of The Planet. This is how the Minister sees it, LNG is not profitable without a cheap energy, that was the only reason that Site C Dam was rushed in by the Liberal Party, and destruction is continued by the NDP/Green Coalition. The public has seen their energy bills increase, to pay for the Dam, when the actual costs of BC energy are less. The costs  of the last Dam and all the infrastructure are paid for, maintenance and upgrading alone are a fraction of costs, and power rates should have dropped to the public. Instead of lowering public rates to the rates corporations such as pulp mills pay, the rates have gone up for the public, to pay for a new Dam that is being built, on a Old fault line, for the LNG. Basically, the LNG industry gets a free unsafe Dam, cheap power, low royalties on public resources, and all their costs for pipe lines, fracking, pumping, and processing, are tax write offs.  The reality is; the public pays all the costs of the corperations, does all the work, gives up their resources, and are left with the clean up bill. The Minister is not a happy camper, and has gone on a general strike again.