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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


     The Minister of Agriculture has decided to ignore the Trump soap opera and go picking mushrooms and have a working holiday in North Western BC. With the Mayor of Stromville BC, who lives where there is a haunted house, resently occupied, doors opening and closing,  and therefore, a good time to leave town  and go picking mushrooms. We are here at the mushroom ground after a seven hour drive, and will start looking in the morning. 
     Calling the whole sickness of the Trump Administration a soap opera that never ends, and requires a lot of actors to prop up, is not to be taken lightly. The props are part of the problem, and who props up the main actors, when you go down the chain of props, you will find the farmer, making a living or trying to, growing the food, to feed those troops seen morning and night crammed on every transportation system, all in service of the  soap opera. Who is not complicit? Withdraw your support from all supports, put your support where nothing but good will come it, like free medical for everybody, And free dental, just a couple of ideas, and eat lots of grapes, and Dump Trump.     

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