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Friday, August 3, 2018


    The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Has declared that everyone in Canada gets a living wage, working or not, paid by the public purse until we get beyond the need of using money and being controlled by those who have the money. The Garden Party has already cancelled all debt and is beyond money, however, the complete population transition may take some time as some addictions are difficult to quit, especially if you are trying to replace an addiction of commerce, with another model of the same addiction, that can only end with the same results, in fact a new form of money would only continue to maintain the golden rule : Those who have the gold, make the rules. Money, as we know it, does not need any replacement, we all just have to stop using forms of exchange. It will be a process, so, to continue on with The Garden Party Self Government Process, we are calling August Month One, Garden Party Austerity Month, drastic austerity, Buy Nothing for the rest of the Month!  Waste Nothing for the rest of your Life! Ideas come to life when exercised. And get grounded, helping out your local farmer, and do some Weeding for Enlightenment. 

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