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Monday, July 30, 2018


    Get off the pot. Too much pot is too much. Resources consumed for entertainment of bored Canadians are coming to an abrupt end. Fireworks for instance, polluting further our already polluted air, and now we have teams of bored people compeating for prizes at fireworks competitions funded by the public purse. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, now has a complete ban on all fire crackers except for people who want to stick them in their pot pipes for an enlightening experience. We a   

Saturday, July 28, 2018


The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment claims that if you have a job, show anybody interested how to do your job so you can collect Unemployment Insurance, from the 20 Trillon in dept Unconstitutional Fraud Elected Government of Canada. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada has only Full Employment, and Jobs Going Undone due to a shortage of workers. We have jobs for all the soon to be unemployed from jobs better left undone, we have jobs for every capacity, and if we do not, the Minister For More Unemployment will Immediately have a Meeting in the Garden to meditate in the weed patch in search of a job. The Minister has started a new local industry, Garden Party Gleaners designed to be a benefit to struggling family farms, and provide the needs of those doing the work.So the Minister For More Unemployment awaits the opportunity to put your Unemployment Checks to work for needs doing. Changing Agrculture Across Canada Without Borders.        

Thursday, July 5, 2018


     The Minister of the Underground Enviroment from Quebec will be facing some deep questioning from the Garden Party BC Minister of Agriculture in Spences Bridgeless this weekend. The First Summit Meetimg will start Weeding at 5:30AM in the biggest patch of Tomatos at Hilltop Gardens Farm five k north of Spences Bridge on highway one. Also expecting the Mayor of Stromville and a representative of the BC Elected Government who can't wait to start pulling weeds. Everyone is welcome, we have lots of tools without hands on them, Summit Meetings will continue every day from 5:30 to 10am until all the world problems are resolved to a peaceful conclusion.