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Friday, June 22, 2018


     Use the internet, people with more ability to set up things on the internet than I have could do this : set up a site with a name that will reach the parents who have been separated from their kids, some parents that have already been deported from the USA, have them send their pictures, and pictures of the missing children, get names and means of contact with any other information that would be helpful like where the children were last seen and who took them. Put out a call for the people who do have the children, to also send you photos of all the children, again, with necessary information. Set up photos of all the parents, so children can point out people they recognize , and set up another site of children's pictures so the parents looking for their kids can find them.  If that is already happening great, use the internet, mobilize people to look for the missing kids and get them reconnected, everyone of the kids, and get it done, if you know how to use the tools but can't

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