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Saturday, June 23, 2018


     It is time for the USA to spend less on military might, Trump wants Canada to Spend More on NATO, No to you Trump. The Minister For More Unemployment, Self Government of Canada, Weed Pulling expert wants Canada to Spend Zilich on NATO, if we need to put resources into a international military put it under a revised United Nations. Now every knows how fast governments get things done, there is a faster way today. There are a lot of jobs that will disappear because we will no longer need to do them. We do not need them now.  All the advertising jobs will vanish, nothing less than BS, Forests will get a chance to reach old age again, quit your advertizing job by choice now, or without choice of becoming the advertised. It is all about making money, manipulating minds of all ages to sell them a bill goods, everything to do with money, corrupts. We have to stop buying shit that should not even be made, all this garbage that being made and disposed may seem cheap in dollars, but is costing us dearly on our entire planet. Solve problem, or a good part of our problem, by stopping what we are doing. So for all the people working in the arms industry, quit your jobs, all people supplying goods and services to the arms industry, quit your jobs, they will get nowhere without you. Trump, you are acting like a bully, and by now people know that is important on the street or in the White House, to stand up to bullies.      

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