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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


     To maintain the constant change of improving technology to do everything for us, may just become the greatest threat to our servival. The amount of energy consumed by all our new, and new again, replacement of equipment and infrastructure every six months to get better advanced technology, more efficient lite bulbs, faster internet, Mining vertical money, it just does not stop, and maybe is going to give us trouble even if we are well informed of the cliff we are headed for. Too much is still to much. Maybe we need to slow down a bit, and look into our own garbage can, just to get a reading amoungest the tea leaves, to figure out where we are going. Multiply your daily cost to our environment by the world population, that should give you a rough idea of where we are going. In the shit hole, that is where we are going, but now, March, 2018, we have to make different choices, no ands or ifs about it. At least, a significant number of people have to make significant changes, enough that the rest will have to go along with the changes. So, here I am, Where are you, and what are the tea leaves telling you? Let's go, all the garbage cans say the same thing, we will lose a lot, if we keep killing the planet.
     Get out in the fresh air and help your local farmers so you can use your garbage can as a planter pot. Gardening is indescribable, put your foot down, dig in, this year, be one of the many growing food without herbicides and pesticides, at the very least that should be the goal, for the entire world.        

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