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Saturday, March 17, 2018


     The Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party Self Government of West Africa has just arrived in Ottawa, and has announced that big changes this year are being made by the people in West Africa. People are leaving the money rat race, and going back to the country, where they know that they will always have a place called home and something to eat. 
      The Minister from Africa is on his way to Spences  Bridge BC, but like all traveling politicians, the Minister is looking for opportunities, he may be able to pick up a few bribes in Ottawa, to pay for his trip to BC. When he gets to Spences Bridge with a shovel in his hand, no doubt, it is another place to call home, and there is always something to eat.
     More details as events unfold.
     Also, the One and Only Mayor of Stromville BC, driven south for climate change is on his way to SB, starting to sound like Spences Bridge, without the bridge, is the New Self Government Capital Of Canada Without Borders. The Garden Party does not set up borders or nations, flag waving is in the compost. We are people setting up our own way of doing things so as to get better results. We are not people willing to give up our power as equal humans to decide what happens in our world by a vote every five years. We exercise our vote constantly, and we are pushing our foot down, making, one could say creating, what we see as evolving Government where we are full participants. The Garden Party is, because we say it is, Self Government of Canada, and has existed since Dec. 21st 2012, unopposed. We have already become at the same time The World Garden Party of People, replacing United Divided Nations, it is all one world, and one People, borders are in the compost, no longer do they serve the people's best  interests, leaving millions in refugee camps. Global Warming, is just one more reason to open all borders, millions more will soon be on the move back to the land. World Leaders, so referred to as leaders, the wise, the experts, those with numbers written on their foreheads, got us in this mess with the people's help, now we gardeners have to lead from behind with shovels and hoes, and have to change with all, or at least most of the people's involvement. 2018 is the year when millions around the world will be digging in, even dooms day advocates are now looking for shovels.                

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