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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


    Last haul from Vancouver Island, at least for as far as the future appears in this present moment. Loaded with job creation, grape vines, strawberry plants, tools without handles, handles without tools, empty planter pots to fill, full planter pots to empty, enough seeds to get four hundred thousand refugees working on changing Canada's Agriculture from unsustainable, to sustainable. To slow down global warming, a green blanket would have a cooling effect, this last load of plants will be used for a little part this blanket, if Four Hundred Thousand Refugee Farmers were provided with the opportunity to add a patch to this blanket, and if all farmers and gardeners and seed growers and dooms day advocates also got involved and dig in, we might not only have a good time, but a longer time. So, Spring into Action, put a handle on the tool and add to Canada's biggest Quilt. 
      Little Red Truck is headed for Spences Bridge. 

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