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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


     Dropped and left behind. Headed to the garbage can. Then to the dump. 45 million a year. Guessing? Plenty, little things that don't seem to matter. Look at your little things, like wire twist ties on packaging. Made from rolls of wire, glue and paper, or plastic covered, tons of iron ore are mined, energy consumered in the smelting process, toxins go into our whole environment, add in some toxic glue, and there you go. Ready to seal up a bag of toxic food, harvested from Trail BC. Little things that seem insignificant when viewed as all the little things, multiplied by millions or even billions of people who also have those things, we are not talking about no small thing now.
It's all the little things that are killing us. And what was that flag all about that it was made anyway? Celebrating a birthday, or a holiday or the Queen was driving past? Whatever it was for, it would be better it never was, made.  Very big important, pay close attention to all those little things, so they never become big things. 

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