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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


     Building dams, solar panels, wind turbines and the like while we continue to waste the energy in a manner that any reasoning person could only consider insanity, has to be addressed. Bit coin mining to supply free energy for instant numbers transactions is just the latest massive consumption of electrical energy, but waste is everywhere. Fifty percent of food produced is wasted, helicopters flying people to the tops of rocky peaks for ski thrills, thousands of planes in the air every day to transport gladiators to distract the masses, lottery tickets, there is no end to the waste, most of the resources produced from mining, logging, and farming are wasted. Our social organization is inefficient, crashing on without purpose, and trashing paradise in the process. Fortunately it is 2018, and we are still alive. This is the year that everybody is changing, finding purpose, setting direction, and taking many small steps, to correction. Dig in. 

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