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Friday, March 16, 2018


     Sounds good, BC Gambling Commission does not want to stop money laundering at Casinos, because the Commission is getting a piece of the action, one way or another. There is very little that involves money that is not corrupt, and Casino's are all about Corruption. Lottery tickets have as much entertainment value as hunting for Easter eggs. In truth, lottery Tickets are a Complete resource waste, adding to the polluting use of pulp mills, aluminum smelters, fuels and energy for manufacturing and distribution, not to mention the waste of time standing in lineups at cash registers for people buying tickets and picking up the Easter eggs they get, to keep them trying to win the Big One. Another thing not given much attention is gambling addictions, since lotteries started up in Canada, a larger number of kids go without necessities like food while lottery profits leave town, and toxic garbage dumps continue to grow. 
     Quit Buying Lottery Tickets, Quit all the waste, little bits may not seem like much, but multiply the little bit that you buy and throw away eight billion times a day and what will we all end up with, a dead planet. Take up gardening, you can eat you winnings, and you may still get to eat out of our rivers lakes and oceans if we quit killing all life trying to win a million dollars.
     The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders Minister For More Unemployment is calling for a immediate boycott of all Useless Waste Industries, including Military Industries, plastic straws and ballons.  Enjoy yourself in a garden this year.      

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