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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Denuclearization ToPutin

    We all look forward to the Denuclearization of NK and USA. Putin...are you going to get left behind....unable to keep up to the times...? Would you like The Garden Party Minister For Less Wreckcreation to give you a lesson on survival techniques? Don't worry Putin, NATO is finished, even if you are silly enough to hold on to those nasty weapons. What will be read about you in history, how about " Putin Leads World To Complete Denuclearization ".
     It does seem somehow that our pass-it-on mail to Kim in NK got through and he has come up with a plan, of course if there is any credit due, for the end of Nuclear War, our Garden Party Minister of Globle Pest Problems, will take it now. The Minister is this years choice for the Gold Carrot Award, to be presented on the First Meeting day of Kim and Don, or Putin's Declaration of Denuclearization, whatever comes first.
     This is pass it mail, just sent it in the general direction of Russia. If Putin does not respond, he will be soon forgotten in the Compost of History as leaving a bad smell behind. This is it Putin, take the stage. Opportunity of a lifetime! Dig in. Declare World Denuked!
      Express Pass-it-on-Mail to Putin and Kim.

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