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Sunday, March 25, 2018


    The same. Communism, Socialism, and Democracy, in the pure sense, if put into practice would in the end would have the same result. But not one of three have ever been established. 
     Democracy, what is it in Canada? Why do Canadians choose Democracy over Socialism or Communism? Any one method is capable of the same results, all three of them share the belief that all people entitled to equal share of what life has to offer. Yet all three forms of Government, which are Grand Ideas, get mired in the process to fulfil the Grand Ideas. Special interests seem to have the ability to take over the intent of the Grand Ideas, for their own gain, disregarding the equality part. No blame here, people do what they learn from their culture, if they are taught personal gain is good, others are bad, what else do they know?. The People do not have a example of a true democracy, or of a real socialist state, or even a complete communist country. Not one of these three Grand Ideas that nations are labeled as being, really exists. Every single one of them, even those that have Elections, has been, and is being today corrupted. So, what to do?
     Call our Grand Idea a process, we have come this far in our evolution, now we include all the Grand Ideas and incorporate them into One Idea, we are all one People on one rather sick planet, now get the shovel out, put your foot down, and take a step forward. Globally. Not only can it be done, but it must be done, now. John, WW2 Vet, calls himself a cripple, is still doing everything he can where he is, to make it better, how about you? 

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