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Sunday, March 25, 2018


    The same. Communism, Socialism, and Democracy, in the pure sense, if put into practice would in the end would have the same result. But not one of three have ever been established. 
     Democracy, what is it in Canada? Why do Canadians choose Democracy over Socialism or Communism? Any one method is capable of the same results, all three of them share the belief that all people entitled to equal share of what life has to offer. Yet all three forms of Government, which are Grand Ideas, get mired in the process to fulfil the Grand Ideas. Special interests seem to have the ability to take over the intent of the Grand Ideas, for their own gain, disregarding the equality part. No blame here, people do what they learn from their culture, if they are taught personal gain is good, others are bad, what else do they know?. The People do not have a example of a true democracy, or of a real socialist state, or even a complete communist country. Not one of these three Grand Ideas that nations are labeled as being, really exists. Every single one of them, even those that have Elections, has been, and is being today corrupted. So, what to do?
     Call our Grand Idea a process, we have come this far in our evolution, now we include all the Grand Ideas and incorporate them into One Idea, we are all one People on one rather sick planet, now get the shovel out, put your foot down, and take a step forward. Globally. Not only can it be done, but it must be done, now. John, WW2 Vet, calls himself a cripple, is still doing everything he can where he is, to make it better, how about you? 

Saturday, March 17, 2018


     The Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party Self Government of West Africa has just arrived in Ottawa, and has announced that big changes this year are being made by the people in West Africa. People are leaving the money rat race, and going back to the country, where they know that they will always have a place called home and something to eat. 
      The Minister from Africa is on his way to Spences  Bridge BC, but like all traveling politicians, the Minister is looking for opportunities, he may be able to pick up a few bribes in Ottawa, to pay for his trip to BC. When he gets to Spences Bridge with a shovel in his hand, no doubt, it is another place to call home, and there is always something to eat.
     More details as events unfold.
     Also, the One and Only Mayor of Stromville BC, driven south for climate change is on his way to SB, starting to sound like Spences Bridge, without the bridge, is the New Self Government Capital Of Canada Without Borders. The Garden Party does not set up borders or nations, flag waving is in the compost. We are people setting up our own way of doing things so as to get better results. We are not people willing to give up our power as equal humans to decide what happens in our world by a vote every five years. We exercise our vote constantly, and we are pushing our foot down, making, one could say creating, what we see as evolving Government where we are full participants. The Garden Party is, because we say it is, Self Government of Canada, and has existed since Dec. 21st 2012, unopposed. We have already become at the same time The World Garden Party of People, replacing United Divided Nations, it is all one world, and one People, borders are in the compost, no longer do they serve the people's best  interests, leaving millions in refugee camps. Global Warming, is just one more reason to open all borders, millions more will soon be on the move back to the land. World Leaders, so referred to as leaders, the wise, the experts, those with numbers written on their foreheads, got us in this mess with the people's help, now we gardeners have to lead from behind with shovels and hoes, and have to change with all, or at least most of the people's involvement. 2018 is the year when millions around the world will be digging in, even dooms day advocates are now looking for shovels.                

Friday, March 16, 2018


     Sounds good, BC Gambling Commission does not want to stop money laundering at Casinos, because the Commission is getting a piece of the action, one way or another. There is very little that involves money that is not corrupt, and Casino's are all about Corruption. Lottery tickets have as much entertainment value as hunting for Easter eggs. In truth, lottery Tickets are a Complete resource waste, adding to the polluting use of pulp mills, aluminum smelters, fuels and energy for manufacturing and distribution, not to mention the waste of time standing in lineups at cash registers for people buying tickets and picking up the Easter eggs they get, to keep them trying to win the Big One. Another thing not given much attention is gambling addictions, since lotteries started up in Canada, a larger number of kids go without necessities like food while lottery profits leave town, and toxic garbage dumps continue to grow. 
     Quit Buying Lottery Tickets, Quit all the waste, little bits may not seem like much, but multiply the little bit that you buy and throw away eight billion times a day and what will we all end up with, a dead planet. Take up gardening, you can eat you winnings, and you may still get to eat out of our rivers lakes and oceans if we quit killing all life trying to win a million dollars.
     The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders Minister For More Unemployment is calling for a immediate boycott of all Useless Waste Industries, including Military Industries, plastic straws and ballons.  Enjoy yourself in a garden this year.      

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


    Last haul from Vancouver Island, at least for as far as the future appears in this present moment. Loaded with job creation, grape vines, strawberry plants, tools without handles, handles without tools, empty planter pots to fill, full planter pots to empty, enough seeds to get four hundred thousand refugees working on changing Canada's Agriculture from unsustainable, to sustainable. To slow down global warming, a green blanket would have a cooling effect, this last load of plants will be used for a little part this blanket, if Four Hundred Thousand Refugee Farmers were provided with the opportunity to add a patch to this blanket, and if all farmers and gardeners and seed growers and dooms day advocates also got involved and dig in, we might not only have a good time, but a longer time. So, Spring into Action, put a handle on the tool and add to Canada's biggest Quilt. 
      Little Red Truck is headed for Spences Bridge. 

Friday, March 9, 2018


     Published in 1962, Silent Spring, deserves a re-read, cover to cover, then multiply the yearly amounts of toxins produced by at least a thousand percent, to get a conservative idea of what is going on today, if that book does not stimulate reduction of chemicals, and poisons, being dumped from Coast to Coast, across Canada and the USA, people have lost their ability to reason. In effect...we are in the direction to.....putting it another correction...keep digging.   

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Denuclearization ToPutin

    We all look forward to the Denuclearization of NK and USA. Putin...are you going to get left behind....unable to keep up to the times...? Would you like The Garden Party Minister For Less Wreckcreation to give you a lesson on survival techniques? Don't worry Putin, NATO is finished, even if you are silly enough to hold on to those nasty weapons. What will be read about you in history, how about " Putin Leads World To Complete Denuclearization ".
     It does seem somehow that our pass-it-on mail to Kim in NK got through and he has come up with a plan, of course if there is any credit due, for the end of Nuclear War, our Garden Party Minister of Globle Pest Problems, will take it now. The Minister is this years choice for the Gold Carrot Award, to be presented on the First Meeting day of Kim and Don, or Putin's Declaration of Denuclearization, whatever comes first.
     This is pass it mail, just sent it in the general direction of Russia. If Putin does not respond, he will be soon forgotten in the Compost of History as leaving a bad smell behind. This is it Putin, take the stage. Opportunity of a lifetime! Dig in. Declare World Denuked!
      Express Pass-it-on-Mail to Putin and Kim.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


     Dropped and left behind. Headed to the garbage can. Then to the dump. 45 million a year. Guessing? Plenty, little things that don't seem to matter. Look at your little things, like wire twist ties on packaging. Made from rolls of wire, glue and paper, or plastic covered, tons of iron ore are mined, energy consumered in the smelting process, toxins go into our whole environment, add in some toxic glue, and there you go. Ready to seal up a bag of toxic food, harvested from Trail BC. Little things that seem insignificant when viewed as all the little things, multiplied by millions or even billions of people who also have those things, we are not talking about no small thing now.
It's all the little things that are killing us. And what was that flag all about that it was made anyway? Celebrating a birthday, or a holiday or the Queen was driving past? Whatever it was for, it would be better it never was, made.  Very big important, pay close attention to all those little things, so they never become big things. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


     To maintain the constant change of improving technology to do everything for us, may just become the greatest threat to our servival. The amount of energy consumed by all our new, and new again, replacement of equipment and infrastructure every six months to get better advanced technology, more efficient lite bulbs, faster internet, Mining vertical money, it just does not stop, and maybe is going to give us trouble even if we are well informed of the cliff we are headed for. Too much is still to much. Maybe we need to slow down a bit, and look into our own garbage can, just to get a reading amoungest the tea leaves, to figure out where we are going. Multiply your daily cost to our environment by the world population, that should give you a rough idea of where we are going. In the shit hole, that is where we are going, but now, March, 2018, we have to make different choices, no ands or ifs about it. At least, a significant number of people have to make significant changes, enough that the rest will have to go along with the changes. So, here I am, Where are you, and what are the tea leaves telling you? Let's go, all the garbage cans say the same thing, we will lose a lot, if we keep killing the planet.
     Get out in the fresh air and help your local farmers so you can use your garbage can as a planter pot. Gardening is indescribable, put your foot down, dig in, this year, be one of the many growing food without herbicides and pesticides, at the very least that should be the goal, for the entire world.        


     Building dams, solar panels, wind turbines and the like while we continue to waste the energy in a manner that any reasoning person could only consider insanity, has to be addressed. Bit coin mining to supply free energy for instant numbers transactions is just the latest massive consumption of electrical energy, but waste is everywhere. Fifty percent of food produced is wasted, helicopters flying people to the tops of rocky peaks for ski thrills, thousands of planes in the air every day to transport gladiators to distract the masses, lottery tickets, there is no end to the waste, most of the resources produced from mining, logging, and farming are wasted. Our social organization is inefficient, crashing on without purpose, and trashing paradise in the process. Fortunately it is 2018, and we are still alive. This is the year that everybody is changing, finding purpose, setting direction, and taking many small steps, to correction. Dig in. 

Friday, March 2, 2018


    The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment of Canada is pleased with Trumps 25% import tax on Canadian Steel. Just for good measure, and fair is fair, the Minister would like to add a Canadian Export Tax on all Steel and Aluminum of 250% to all countries manufacturing and selling war weapons and aluminum canned beer on the world market. Of course the Minister, would suggest refusing sales of even potatos to any nation with Nuclear Weapons. Putin is claiming he now has the ability to send the world back to the Stone Age to make Russia Great Again, no doubt there is an increase of the common brain eating disorder which shows up after politicians eat too many pesticides and get into a seat of power. The cure for this disorder is for the Grassroots to stop setting up seats of power and go organic. New directions to corrections, bottom up, dig in!