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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


     Ownership of Property will be looked at with a "improved?" Consciousness in the future, looking at all land in a more harmonious way that serves the best use for the whole heaven on earth. We are in transformation mode. As things are today, with the chains of the money system, and private ownership of land, and public land which is not really public available, we in the Garden Party are taking small transforming steps, from hell to heaven, on earth. 
     Starting with shaking off the money chains, and making no land claims, the Garden Party Self Government of Canada is fully involved in food to feed the survivors, of Nuts who have big buttons on their desks, that work, at destruction. We suggest that Kim offer to disarm his Nuclear Bombs, along with all the foolish nations that have them, and we finally get rid of all Nuclear Weapons. That would be a positive move for North Korea to do for 2018. How about it People of USA? of India? of Pakistan? Of Israel France UK Russia and China? How about a little pressure from the Grassroots on those who call themselves the leaders. Now is the time for peace loving people to start pushing a few buttons.    

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