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Thursday, December 7, 2017


     One solution has been offered by First Nations people who don't want Site C Dam. Pick up your tools BC Hydro, and leave. Let Mother Nature repair the damage done. Sounds sensible. No two billion needed, pick up your toys and leave. 
     If there is need to help Mother Nature for a faster recovery of the damage done on the Site, Occupation Apple Tree, The Garden Party, Self Government of BC, it's all one, commits to do what it can, out of its common purse. Besides, and this is not Fake News, Site C Dam is on a Old fault line, which means that the Dam will never be safe. A Dam crossing earth plates, even if those plates have not moved recently, is not smart thinking, especally stupid considering the size of the Dam, and the overwhelming evidence that we do not need the Energy. Dig In.           

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