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Friday, December 8, 2017


     What do Canadians need? Can we make what we need? Or do we expect others to provide our needs and wants? How much world trade do we really need to take care of our own collective needs? What can we not provide? Food? Does Canada not have a climate capable of food production from coast to coast? Why do some live in Canada without shelter? What is happening to all those millions of trees cut every year? Enough trees to built a house for every person in the country every year, that's how many trees. Can Canadians make their own shoes? Cloths? Blankets? Of course Canadians once did and still can provide for most of their needs. So can most other countries if their agricultural lands are not growing pineapples to feed Canadians.
     So what Trade Deals do we need to make? Or are these trade deals more about making populations dependent on the likes of Walmart, Canadian Tire, Safeway, Monsanto, MacGarbage, and such? Are we all to be slaves and servants of a few giants? Oh, but we can vote, for a new rider to sit in the saddle of a dead horse. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is all for The New Freedom To Trade Deal, With Everybody, and Freedom To Not Trade Deal, With Everybody. 
     It is official, all previous trade deals made by past governments in Canada are now in the Garden Party Compost, with all other weeds and useless jobs. Just get a live horse and go for it.   

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